Samsung L700

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Samsung L700 is a point-and-shoot digital camera (announced 08.01.07) featuring 7.2 million effective pixels, Advanced Shake Reduction, 3x optical zoom lens (35mm equivalent: 35~105mm), Light weight aluminum body, voice recording, and a 2.5-inch TFT LCD screen. The Samsung L700 is measuring in at 96.9 X 56.8 X 20.5 mm, weighing 130 g and it’s running on 3.7V Li-ion battery.

Samsung L700
Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆ | Latest Price Info

Samsung L700 Reviews

ImagingResource reviews the Samsung L700 and writes;
“The Samsung L700 is mostly an easy camera to shoot with despite some interface quirks, and offers fairly reasonable image quality unless you do a lot of low-light / high-ISO sensitivity shooting, shoot a lot of high-contrast subjects that highlight its chromatic aberration problems, or shoot many fast-moving subjects. It’s pocket friendly, solidly built, and capable of a good afternoon’s shooting on a single charge.”
Rating: N/A

Megapixel reviews the Samsung L700 and writes;
“Overall, the Samsung L700 yields very good images, particularly if these are destined to be printed. The L700 reacts quickly to its controls, including its shutter release, and its photos can be printed out to 10.2 x 7.6 inches (26 x 19.5 cm) at 300 dpi easily and with excellent results, placing it on the same footing as most expensive cameras. In fact, the L700 probably has one of the best cost-to-value ratios for cameras currently on the market.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Pocket-Lint reviews the Samsung L700 and writes;
“As for the video mode, it’s good, although if you choose to use the zoom at any point you loose sound, something that is, was and could be very annoying. Strangely there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for it, as the microphone isn’t zoomed at the same time…The L700 is one of those digital cameras, that isn’t brilliant, nor is it shockingly bad, its just mediocre. ”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

ePhotozine compares the Samsung L700 to Pentax Optio M30 and writes;
“So far, so M30, but this is all turned around when we get to actually shooting images. Despite the fact that the colour chart tests were virtually identical, how the processing engines work is markedly different. The L700 is sharper in most tests, it has better colour fringing control and the image quality is markedly better with less noise and bittiness throughout, all the way through the ISO range. So, the M30 is nicer looking, handles better, but the L700 makes up for the more industrial approach with image quality that whups the M30’s shiny metal ass. The winner of this head to head, is therefore, the Samsung L700.”
Rating: N/A

CNET reviews the Samsung L700 and writes;
“Noise turned up at higher sensitivity settings, but certainly no more than most other digital cameras in this price range. Photos shot from ISO 50 to ISO 200 had very little grain and what grain we saw on our monitors likely wouldn’t show up much in prints.Photos shot at ISO 800 and ISO 1,600 were predictably very obscured by noise, though shots at ISO 800 may be usable as 4×6-inch prints. At the more commonly used setting, ISO 400, noise stayed at moderate levels… The bottom line: It won’t make perfect photos, but this camera’s above-average controls and nice white balance make it a good choice for a budget shooter. ”
Rating: ★★★½☆

TrustedReviews reviews the Samsung L700 and writes;
“With the L700 Samsung has produced the very definition of an average 3x zoom digital compact camera. It has no real weak points apart from its poor low-light focusing and over-exposure in bright light, but little about it stands out either. It is well made, performs adequately, has all the features and options you really need and takes reasonably good pictures. It is also reasonably good value for money, but it lacks the style or innovation of some other recent Samsung models.”
Rating: ★★½☆☆

Samsung L700 Samples

Samsung L700 Sample Photos @ ImagingResource
Samsung L700 Sample Photos @ Megapixel
Samsung L700 Sample Photos @ Pocket-Lint
Samsung L700 vs Pentax Optio M30 Sample Photos @ ePhotozine
Samsung L700 Sample Photos @ TrustedReviews

Samsung L700 User Manuals

– Download Samsung L700 User Manual (English)
– Download Samsung L700 User Manual (Spanish)

Samsung L700 Press Release

Samsung Launches L700 Full-Featured, Stylish Point & Shoot

8 January 2007 – Samsung Cameras today announced the launch of the L700. An ideal digital camera for shooters in search of a compact, stylish, metal body. The L700 offers 7 mega-pixel image resolution, a 3x optical zoom, a bright 2.5” LCD display and a suite of advanced video and editing features.

The Samsung L700 can record MPEG-4 video in VGA (640×480) at 30fps, for smoother video and a bigger view of the movie on LCD and TV screens. Users can also take advantage of the camera’s unique movie shooting functions, including a movie stabiliser, continuous video recording, improved in-camera video editing and the ability to use the 3x optical zoom while recording.

As with all Samsung digital still cameras, the L700 features a built-in image editing function allowing users to edit a variety of images without the use of a PC. The Trimming function can be used to cut an undesired part of an image and save only the required part.

Other features include:

– 11 scene modes including Night, Portrait, Children, Landscape, Close-up, Sunset, Backlight, Fireworks and Beach & Snow
– Shutter speeds of up to 1/2000 sec
– An ISO equivalent of 1600
– 20 megabytes of internal memory, and can accept Secure Digital (SD) flash memory cards up to 4 gigabytes
– Continuous Shooting mode and Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB), enabling the shooting of a series of images with varying exposures
– Colour effects include B/W, sepia, blue, green and red
– An Auto Macro function that automatically adjusts shooting distance and focus
– Voice recording for up to one-hour, voice memo and “One-touch Playback”

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