Samsung GX-1S DSLR – Review @ PopPhoto

Popular Photography Magazine has recently posted a review of the Samsung GX-1S DSLR, a 6.1 Megapixel (CCD sensor) Pentax mount Digital SLR camera featuring a large 2.5 inch LCD screen, high speed 2.8 fps up to 8 frames in JPEG mode CCD sensor.


“Autofocusing speed is slower than that of other cameras in this class, notably the Nikon D50 and Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, but the AF has good sensitivity, able to autofocus down to a very dim EV 0… As far as introductions go, Samsung could’ve done far worse than the GX-1S, with its nice handling, pleasing picture quality, and compatibility with scads of existing lenses. But it’s also an aging platform whose resolution trails that of the rest of the league. And in the hot DSLR category, “good enough” is rarely good enough.”

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