Rumor: Sony A200 & New Sony Lens Range

The PhotoclubAlpha has a new article on the successor of The Sony A100 DSLR camera. The camera now about to be released is the APS-C version named Sony (Alpha) A200 as seen below.


A number of 35mm full-frame lenses are also expected as there are rumors that Sony will launch a high-end full frame or 1.1x DSLR camera (codename Alpha 300) in 2008.



3 Responses to “Rumor: Sony A200 & New Sony Lens Range”

  1. Alexramos says:

    This pictures is the Alpha 700 not Alpha 200…

  2. Sony Alphah says:

    I have had several digital cameras, and this is my first dslr. I love taking pictures with it, especially action shots. Super fast auto focus, choices of programs etc. are found on lots of dslr’s. The reason I bought this one is that it accepts Minolta af lenses and the anti-shake technology is in the camera and not in the lens. This makes additional lenses much more affordable.

  3. Mohamed Alaimi says:

    I’m a Minoltiste,convertet to D range in Sonoltiste ( fromm Minolta to Sony ) .
    I’m very happy with this fusion and type of Technology.
    I’m waiting for : 100/100 view fender
    Live view …..
    ( like a 700 + much options )

    Thank s

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