Ricoh GR Digital – Review @ LetsGoDigital

Let’s Go Digital has posted their review on Ricoh GR Digital and gave the camera 4 out of 5 stars.

Ricoh GR Digital

“The Ricoh GR-D will not become a mass product nor is it meant to be that by Ricoh. The Ricoh GR Digital will get its very own status, a camera designed for the enthusiast, the photographer that highly appreciates a quality lens like the GR wide angle and who is prepared to adjust him/herself to the camera. Who ever starts working with the GR Digital will sooner or later start loving the camera. It is a fantastically nice digital camera to work with and to carry with you wherever you go. You will get addicted to the outstanding lens, the wide angle possibilities and you will wonder why no other camera has such an excellent lens. The GR Digital is a superb and exceptional camera. Absolutely a must for the enthusiast! “

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