Ricoh GR Digital Latest Firmware V2.01

Ricoh has released the latest firmware V.2.01 for the Ricoh GR Digital camera, a newly developed professional-grade high-resolution compact digital camera with an 8 megapixel CCD sensor.


The latest firmware will add the follwing features;
Selectable a setting value to increase / decrease using the Up-down dial and the ADJ. dial for some setting changes.
Selectable a setting of the LCD ON/OFF when you press the shutter release halfway in the Synchro-Monitor mode.
• [ON] / [OFF] for [ADJ SHTR BTN SET]
Selectable to add the feature to the shutter button for the [OK] command in the ADJ. mode or in some settings.

>> Download Ricoh GR Digital Firmware V2.01 for Windows or Mac

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