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Ricoh Caplio R4 is a point-and-shoot digital camera (released on 23.02.06), featuring a 6.0 megapixels (CCD sensor) with 7.1x Optical Zoom lens (28-200mm equivalent) with Vibration Correction function, and a 2.5″LCD screen. Ricoh Caplio R4 would be available in stores from March 2006 with an estimated retail price of £249.99


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PhotographyBlog reviewed the Ricoh Caplio R4 and wrote;
“The Ricoh Caplio R4’s image quality is below average. The Ricoh Caplio R4’s main drawback in terms of image quality is noise, with ISO 200 showing obvious noise, particularly in shadow areas. The noise gets progressively worse as you go from ISO 200 to ISO 400 and finally the completely unusable ISO 800 setting. The Ricoh Caplio R4 did not handle chromatic aberrations very well at all, with obvious purple fringing effects appearing in high contrast situations. The 6 megapixel images were quite soft straight out of the camera at the default sharpen setting of Normal and either require some further sharpening in an application like Adobe Photoshop, or you should set the in-camera sharpening to Sharp.”

CNET Australia reviewed the Ricoh Caplio R4 and wrote;
“Start-up time is a quick 1.1 seconds, shutter response is 0.007 seconds, with a delay of 0.5 seconds between shots. However, during the start-up, the screen notifies you about changes in settings to the default (unless these settings have been saved). This notification stays on for about five seconds, which is annoying, especially when you want to take a quick snapshot.The camera has a good battery life with the lithium ion battery allowing you to take over 330 shots between charges.”

DigicamReview reviewed the Ricoh Caplio R4 and wrote;
“Image quality is good, I was impressed by the accurate and rich colours – the images have good colour with rich saturation, contrast and detail – although with higher than average noise (on indoor photos or when ISO is left on AUTO), and slightly higher than average purple fringing. Images are slightly soft and could benefit from sharpening – there are options in the camera to alter sharpness. The camera did a good job focusing even in low light. Macro performance was very impressive. I did noticed some vignetting in one photo, however this was not the norm and I didn’t notice barrel or pincushion distortion. “

ePhotozine reviewed the Ricoh Caplio R4 and wrote;
PROS: 7.1x zoom range, 28mm wide angle, Excellent image quality, Vibration correction is very effective, High quality LCD screen with a good anti-reflective coating, Very responsive for a compact. CONS: Limited maximum aperture, Noise at ISO800. VERDICT:I was impressed by the image quality this camera produces. Images are sharp, detailed, colourful and almost completely free of noise when the light levels are good enough to use the lowest ISO setting.”


Ricoh Caplio R4 Sample Photos posted @ PhotographyBlog


Ricoh has announced the release of the new Caplio R4 compact digital camera featuring a 7.1x optical wide zoom, (28–200 mm in 35 mm camera format), the largest in the compact class* and vibration correction function. With a smaller body, the new Caplio R4, has a 7.1x (28-200 mm) wide-angle, high-powered zoom lens, the biggest in its class. Building on the highly successful R3, the new R4 boasts 6 megapixels, longer battery life and a high resolution LCD.

Main Features of the Caplio R4:

New 6.04 million square pixel CCD.

– Often used icons can be enlarged for greater visibility.

– The brightness of the LCD can be increased to maximum with a single touch and visibility can be adjusted to suit well-lighted areas.

– The CCD is effective up to 6.04 million square pixels with the Smooth Imaging Engine image processing system. Combined with the vibration correction function, representative, superior, high-definition images can be created.

– It is possible to select a 35mm aspect ratio (the horizontal to vertical ratio of the image) of 3:2.

The long-life rechargeable battery, a standard accessory, lets you shoot approx. 330 pictures.

– Thanks to the power-saving features of the internal circuit, it is possible to capture up to 330 separate images under CIPA standards using the standard accessory rechargeable battery even while using the large LCD display. (310 pictures for the Caplio R3).

New improved 2.5-inch large-scale LCD, with 150,000-pixel resolution.

– The Caplio R4 has an easy-to-see 2.5-inch large-scale LCD monitor with improved resolution (150,000 pixels compared to 110,000 for the Caplio R3).

– During playback, 12 pictures can be displayed simultaneously on the large screen. While checking previous and subsequent pictures, the screen can be separated into three parts to allow fast forwarding and rewinding.

– Often used icons can be enlarged for greater visibility.

– The brightness of the LCD can be increased to maximum with a single touch and visibility can be adjusted to suit well-lighted areas.

7.1x wide zoom lens, largest in its class, in a lightweight 135g, 26mm body!

– The newly developed Double Retracting Lens System, allows part of the lens assembly to protrude from the camera body during lens storage. This enables the body, a mere 26 mm, to have a 28–200 mm 7.1x wide zoom lens.

– The highly versatile Caplio R4 delivers outstanding results in practically any photographic situation, whether it’s capturing a panoramic landscape in one shot, wide-angle images in a room where everything is very close, or the fine details of distant objects.

Vibration Correction function, based on a CCD shift method.

– Whenever it detects excessive camera motion, the vibration correction system, based on a newly developed CCD shift method, moves the CCD in the opposite direction to counterbalance camera shake, resulting in sharp pictures that would have been blurred otherwise.

– As it is not necessary to incorporate the vibration correction system into the lens, many lens design options, were available, facilitating the design of a slim body and a wide to long telephoto range lens.

– The Caplio R4 shows its effectiveness best in high-powered telephoto, macro, or indoor shots without using flash. Once again the vibration correction system allows for sharp images that would not be possible otherwise.

The macro function, a Ricoh specialty, has been further strengthened.

– The camera’s macro mode, can take a macro shot of an object from just 1 cm away.

– The zoom macro function automatically sets the focal distance of the lens at the optimum distance for capturing an image of each object as large and close as possible.

– If AF Target Selection is used, it is even possible to focus on objects within the frame without moving the camera. By determining the optimum field of view, taking into consideration such information as the size or contrast of the object, focusing accuracy becomes that much higher when shooting in macro.

High-speed response capability enables stress-free shooting.

– Release time lag (the time from the instant the shutter button is fully pressed—without using focus lock—until exposure actually starts) is as fast as approx. 0.09 seconds on average. Quick responses are essential in order to capture picture-perfect but near-instantaneous moments such as the expressions and movement of children or pets. Now stress-free, near-instantaneous shots are possible.

– Time calculated from the instant the focus is locked (half-press) until exposure actually starts is a miraculous 0.007 seconds on average.

– Shooting interval and start time are both rapid, approx. 0.5 and 1.1 seconds, respectively (measured while the flash is off).

The skew correction function.

– Through an original algorithm, which automatically detects trapezoids in images and corrects them to rectangles, images of such things as blackboards, documents, or time schedules shot at any angle can be corrected so that the image looks as though it were shot from the front. The camera is most effective in business environments where blackboards, overhead projector, OHPs, time schedules, signs, etc. cannot be shot from the front.

A design combining style with portability

– The design combines functionality and texture with such features as a comfortable grip, easy-to-use controls, high-grade materials, surface finishing, and a compact body of 95.0 mm (W) x 53.0 mm (H) x 26.0 mm (D).

Price and Availability:

The Caplio R4 will be available from March RRP£249.99 inc

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