Ricoh Caplio R30 Review Roundup

Ricoh has recently announced their new Digital Camera named the Capilo R30. The Ricoh Caplio R30 equipped with a 5.7x optical wide zoom equivalent to 28-160mm in 35mm camera format with 5.13 megapixels CCD and 2.5-inch large-scale LCD


REVIEWS (last update 11.02.05)

CNET Australia reviewed the Ricoh Caplio R30 and wrote:

“Pros: Small enough to carry around in your pocket, Customisable LCD screen, 5.7x optical zoom lens, High sensitivity and skew correction modes, Good battery life, Controls consistent with those of past Ricoh models.
Cons: No support for USB 2.0, Full-press auto mode yields blurry images

The Bottom line: While it may not have a single standout feature, the R30 is a solid performer in a crowded 5 megapixel digital camera market.”

Bios Magazine reviewed the Ricoh Caplio R30 and wrote:

“Ricoh’s Caplio R30 is a relatively powerful digital camera packed into a very compact metal body. The 5-Megapixel model is very good feature wise, with quick access to options and speedy performance, but is let down by average image quality – expect high noise, soft focus, and purple fringing.


Ricoh announced today the launch of the Caplio R30 compact digital camera featuring a 5.7x optical wide zoom (28-160 mm in 35 mm camera format) in a trim body only 26mm thick. The new Ricoh Caplio R30 is positioned as a more affordable version of the popular Caplio R3 (Released on November 11, 2005), which featured a 7.1x optical wide zoom lens. Inheriting the Ricoh R3’s unique Double Retracting Lens System, the R30 houses a 5.7x (28-160 mm) wide-angle, high-powered zoom lens in its compact, 26 mm thin body.

Ricoh has historically manufactured products based on the concept of Expandability. In addition to the wide zoom, the new camera achieves increased photographic possibilities, anywhere, by employing an enhanced macro functionーRicoh’s specialtyーand anytime by extending the quick response function, a conventional weakness of digital cameras, which contributes to the concept.

Main Features of the Caplio R30:

• The newly developed lens storage system, the Double Retracting Lens System, has made it possible for the R30’s slim body—a mere 26 mm thick—to hold a 5.7x wide zoom lens.
• The Double Retracting Lens System, which has been newly developed from the original Retracting Lens System, allows part of the lens assembly to protrude from the camera cone during lens storage. This enables the body, a mere 26 mm thick, to hold a 28-160 mm 5.7x wide zoom lens. (Caplio R2 has a 28–135 mm 4.8x lens.)
• The highly versatile Caplio R30 delivers outstanding results in practically any photographic situation, whether it’s capturing a vast landscape in one shot, wide-angle images in a room where everything is very close, or the fine details of distant objects.

The macro function, Ricoh’s specialty, has been further strengthened.

• The camera has the popular macro mode, which can take a macro shot of an object from as close as just 1 cm.
• The Zoom Macro Function automatically sets the focal distance of the lens at the optimum distance for capturing an image as large and close as possible.
• If AF Target Selection is used, it is even possible to focus on objects without moving the camera.

The popular high-speed response capability enables stress-free shooting.

• Release time lag (the time from the instant the shutter button is fully pressed—without

engaging pre-focus—until exposure actually starts) is as fast as approximately 0.09 seconds.

Quick responses are essential in order to capture picture-perfect but near-instantaneous moments such as the expressions and movement of children or pets. Now stress-free, near-instantaneous shots are possible.

• Time calculated from the instant the focus is locked (half-press) until exposure actually starts is a miraculous 0.007 seconds.
• Shooting interval and start time are both rapid, approx. 0.5 seconds and power up in approximately 1.1 seconds, respectively (measured while the flash is off).

The long-life rechargeable battery and charger included as a standard accessory lets you shoot approximately 330 pictures on one single charge.

• Thanks to the power-saving features of the internal circuit, it is possible to capture up to 330 separate images under CIPA standards using the DB60 & BJ6 long-life rechargeable battery and charger even while using the large 2.5 inch high-quality LCD display.

5.13 megapixel CCD coupled with an original image-processing engine for high-definition pictures.

• The CCD with 5.13 effective megapixels combined with Ricoh’s Smooth Imaging Engine enables for high-speed processing and noise reduction resulting in clear images with true colour and high-definition.
• It is possible to select a 35mm aspect ratio (the horizontal to vertical ratio of the image) of 3:2.This is the same as photo prints so there is no need to crop and lose part of the original image.

The new diagonal correction function.

• Through an original algorithm, which automatically detects trapezoids in images and corrects them to rectangles. The camera is most effective in business environments where blackboards, overhead projector, time schedules, signboards, etc. cannot be shot from the front.

Sporting such features as the 2.5-inch large-scale LCD, the camera achieves high operational performance.

• The Caplio R30 has an easy-to-see 2.5-inch large-scale LCD monitor.
• During playback, 12 pictures can be displayed simultaneously on the large screen. While checking previous and subsequent pictures, the screen can be separated into three parts to allow fast forwarding and rewinding.
• The brightness of the LCD can be increased to maximum with a single touch and visibility can be adjusted to suit well-lighted areas.

Ricoh Caplio R30 Optional Accessories List:

• Product Name Model Name
• Rechargeable Battery DB-60
• Battery Charger BJ-6
• AC Adapter AC-4c
• PC Card Adapter FM-SD53
• Soft Camera Case SC-60
• Cable Switch CA-1

Ricoh Caplio R30 Price and Availability:

• The Caplio R30 will be available from January. RRP £219.99 inc

Main Specifications of the Caplio R30.

Recording Format Compressed: JPEG (Exif ver. 2.21) DCF1 compliant, DPOF support
TIFF (MMR system ITU-T.6)
AVI (Open DML Motion JPEG Format compliant)
 WAV (Exif ver.2.21 μ law)
Video Signal Method NTSC/PAL switchable
Recording Media SD Memory Card (3.3V,1GB)/Multi Media Card, Internal Memory (28MB)
CCD Effective 5.13 million square pixels (5.25 million pixels), 1/2.5-inch primary colour CCD

Resolution (pixels)   2592 x 1944,2592 x 1728,2048 x 1536,1280 x 960,640 x 480
2592 x 1944,2048 x 1536
320 x 240,160 x 120
Recording Mode Still (Continuous, S-Continuous, M-Continuous), Scene Mode (Portrait, Sports, Distant Landscape, Night Scene, Text, High Sensitivity, Skew Correction, Zoom Macro), Motion, Sound
Picture Mode2
F(Fine)/N (Normal)
Storage Data Capacity <Still> 2560 x 1920. F: approx. 1.81MB N: approx. 1.03MB, 2048 x 1536.F: approx. 1.35MB N: approx. 673KB, 1280 x 960 F: approx. 626KB N: approx. 326KB,640 x 480 N: approx. 83KB
Lens Focal length f4.6-26.4 (equivalent to 28-160mm for 35mm cameras. When setting Step Zoom, six fixed possible steps: 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm, and 160mm)
Brightness (F value) F 3.3 (W)-4.8 (T)
Zoom Optical 5.7x zoom (up to 20.5 x zoom when combined with digital zoom)
Shutter  8,4,2, 1-1/2000 sec.    1/30-1/2000 sec.
Object Distance approx. 0.3m-∞ (Wide), approx. 0.84m-∞ (Telephoto) Macro: approx. 0.01m-∞ (Wide), approx. 0.08m-∞ (Telephoto)
ISO Sensitivity AUTO/64,100,200,400,800
LCD Monitor 2.5 inch Translucent Amorphous Silicon TFT LCD (approx. 114,000 pixels)
Flash 3
  Auto/ Red-Eye Reduction/ Flash / Slow Synchro/ Flash Off
Flash Range: approx. 0.2m-2.4m (Wide), approx. 0.14m-1.85m (Telephoto) (ISO: AUTO)
Focus Auto Focus/ Manual Focus/ Snap/ ∞ (includes AF auxiliary light) 4
Exposure Adjustment TTL-CCD method photometric system: Multi (256 segments)/ Centre weight/ Spot
Exposure Compensation Manual Compensation (+2.0~-2.0EV in 1/3EV steps) Auto Bracket Function
White Balance Auto/ Fixed (Daylight, Overcast, Tungsten light, Tungsten light 2, Fluorescent, Manual)
Self Timer Operating Time: approx. 10 sec./ 2 sec.
Interval Timer Shooting interval: 5 sec. – 3 hours (in 5 sec. increments)5
PC Interface USB1.1 (Windows 98/98SE/2000Professional/Me/XP Home Edition/XP Professional pre-installed, or Mac OS 8.6-9.2.2/Mac OS X 10.1.2-10.3)
Choice of Ricoh original or Mass Storage driver6
AV Interface Audio Out/ Video Out
Battery Rechargeable Battery (DB-60)
Shooting Capacity7 Based on CIPA Standard: using the DB-60, approx. 330 pictures
Dimensions (W x D x H) 95.0mm(W) x26.0mm (D) x53.0mm (H) (excluding projections)
Weight Approx. 135g (without battery, SD memory card, and Hand strap)
Accessories approx. 45g (Rechargeable battery, SD memory card, and Hand strap)
Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃ 

*1: DCF is the abbreviation of JEITA standard “Design rule for Camera File system”. (It does not guarantee perfect inter-camera compatibility.)
*2: Only N (Normal) is available for 640×480 size. 
*3: When the flash range is set for ISO AUTO or ISO 400
*4: Under dark conditions, the flash may pre-flash before the camera shoots.
*5: With flash OFF
*6: Mass Storage driver is compatible with Windows Me/2000/XP, Mac OS9, and OSX10.2-10.4
It is not compatible with Windows 98/98SE or Mac OS8.6,
*7: Battery performance was measured using CIPA-standard parameters. Actual performance may vary according to usage conditions and
the brand of the battery.

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