Ricoh Caplio 500G Wide

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Ricoh Caplio 500G Wide is a dust, shock and water resistant point-and-shoot digital camera (released on 08.05.06), featuring a 8.2 megapixels (CCD sensor) with 3x optical zoom lens (28-85mm equiv) with Anti-Blur, and a 2.5″LCD screen.


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Pocket-Lint have reviewed the Ricoh Caplio 500G Wide where they rate the camera 8/10 and write;
“The Ricoh Caplio 500G Wide provides a tough package in terms of build, ease of use and versatility. Image quality is good thanks to a nice lens, fast, accurate focusing and good metering with the caveat on image noise at higher sensitivities. The optical viewfinder leaves a bit to be desired as does the overall clunky look of the camera, but when you bear in mind this camera is more tool than tasty-looking technology. However its £400 price tag makes it seem expensive compared to some of the similarly equipped but non-ruggedised competiton on the market. “

DPExpert have reviewed the Ricoh Caplio 500G Wide and write;
“The Ricoh 500G is made for a particular niche market which includes firefighters, builders, engineers and architects and, we assume, explorers and white water rafters. It even has a mode for correcting photos of documents so that they are straight, with edges aligned, in the final image. It has the most amazing macro facility that photographs subjects as close as 5mm from the camera. “

>> SAMPLE PHOTOS (last updated: 10.12.06)

Ricoh Caplio 500G Wide Sample Photos @ PocketLint


May 8, 2006, Tokyo – Ricoh Co., Ltd. (president: Masamitsu Sakurai) has launched the “Caplio 500G wide”, a new water and dust-resistant digital camera.

The Caplio 500G wide, the successor to the Caplio 400G wide (launched in January 2004), starts off with the same strong set of features as its predecessor, with superior water and dust resistance, a wide-angle optical 3x zoom (equivalent to 28-85mm for a 35mm camera), and functions for linkage with Construction CALS and other business systems. It goes further, however, with new features, such as more rugged impact resistance, a flash range of 10m, and an antiblur function. It is designed for customers who will use it on construction sites, for insurance loss appraisal in disaster areas, in schools, and in other outdoor situations.

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