Book Review: Learning To See Creatively

Title: Learning to See Creatively – Design, Color & Composition in Photography
Second Edition – Byran Peterson
Page: 160

Book's Cover

I found this book acccidently when tried to find a book titled Tao of Photography – Seeing Beyond Seing. I finally ended up…

buying both books . 🙂

Overall, I can say this book is pretty impressive, it explains the concept of ‘looking at the angle’ in photography by using variety of lenses (eg. wide lens, street zoom, telephoto & macro).

    1. Expanding Your Vision

    In this topic, the author is trying to learn how to SEE the objects creatively. To see the same object with many different angles . By doing this we can choose the best possible result for our next photo. This technique is most useful for beginner photographers who tend to take a photograph with one angle only, eye level angle that is.

    2. Element of Design

    In this chapter we’re going to learn how to see objects from its different sides (line, shape, form, texture, pattern, color). The book has an exercise for its readers to discover their weaknesses in seeing a particular object.

    3. Composisiton

    As u know that this is the important factor in photography. This book has discussions on ‘Filling Frame’, ‘The Golden Section and Rule of Thirds’, ‘No Horizon’, ‘The Right Third’, ‘Diagonals’,’Frame within Freme’,’Horizontal vs Vertical’, and ‘Breaking the Rule’.

    4. The Magic of Light

    Many type of lightings such as ‘available light’, ‘the direction of light’, ‘the color of light’, ‘overcast or rainy days’ are explained clearly.

The best thing about this book in my opinion is the exercises avalaible which are really easy to follow step by step by any amateur photographers.

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