Redbubble – Online Art Gallery and Community

There comes a time for pretty much every photographer when they decide they want to sell their images and recoup some of the small fortune we all end up spending on cameras, lenses and other dodads !

redbubble online community
Redbubble – Online Art Gallery and Community

Redbubble gives photographers a unique place to showcase their work, sell and participate in the vibrant community. Fulfillment of orders is completely taken care of by Redbubble with high quality laminated, mounted and framed prints available right now, and cards and canvas prints around the corner in a few weeks. When a sale is made the image is printed, mounted or framed, checked, packed and sent anywhere in the world, the artist just sits back and gets paid their cut.

The business model for the site is simple, put the artist first – There’s a set base price and then the artist sets whatever retail price they like – 100% of the margin above the base price goes back to the photographer.

So come and check it out, upload some images and sell some art.

Submitted by James Pierce
James Pierce is a landscape photographer and Idea’s Guy at RedBubbble –

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