Reader’s Photo: Andromeda Galaxy

Frank sent us this amazing photo of Andromeda Galaxy taken with his
Canon EOS 350D and SkyWatcher 80ED telescope.

Andromeda Galaxy
Each dot of light is as star… Are we alone ?

Photographer’s comments:
“I shot this photo with the Canon EOS 350D and the SkyWatcher 80ED telescope (instead of Canon lenses). So, I shot 36 photos of the galaxy during 300 seconds in RAW, 800iso. I take too five darks (a photo with the hood of the Canon, it’s to see the hot’s pixels). Then, with the free software IRIS, I added these images and subtract the dark to suppress the hot pixels. That’s all. Before, it was very difficult to take a photo of galaxy, nebula etc. But now it’s much easier with the numeric. With a classic camera and with a small telescope, you can take a lot of astro photography photos.”

About the photographer
Frank lives in the west of France. He’s been observing the universe for 30 years and has 2 telescopes and lots of binoculars. You can see his works at

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5 Responses to “Reader’s Photo: Andromeda Galaxy”

  1. Frank says:

    I’ve created a album (with Jalbum) to show a lot of astronomy’s photos.
    If you want, you can go here :
    and click on the menu “Decouverte”

    You could show some picture take with my Canon EOS 350D and my telescop.


  2. Rokas says:

    Amazing photo. Very inspirational. Thanks.

  3. Charanya says:

    Hi!… I,m so much interested in Astrophysics. But I know a very little about it. Eventhough, I’m proud that I know there are many galaxies like our milkyway when my other friends don’t. I heard that galaxies recede from each other… Why does that happen? Are they oppositely charged?…

  4. hershko says:

    Galaxies recede from each other because of the big bang event.

  5. frank says:

    Hello Charanya,
    Sorry for this delay :o(
    Hershko has given the solution. For more informations, you could see this website :

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