Ray Flash: The Ring Flash Adapter Now Available

WATSONVILLE, CA, April 7, 2008 ExpoImaging Inc., developer of innovative camera accessories, including the ExpoDisc Digital White Balance Filter and the ExpoAperture2 Depth-of-Field Guide, today announced the U.S. availability of Ray Flash: The Ring Flash Adapter. Designed as a portable and lightweight adapter for a hot-shoe flash unit, the Ray Flash replicates the unique lighting effect produced by heavy, tethered, powered studio ring flash units.


The Ray Flash: Ring Flash Adapter is truly unique because it creates ring light lighting effects simply by attaching it to your existing hot shoe flash, said Erik Sowder, president of ExpoImaging, Inc. Lightweight and portable, the Ray Flash is the only product of its kind. Its a great accessory tool for your strobe because it enables the photographer to easily achieve a high fashion, studio portrait look while on location.

Because the ring flash light originates from a circle around the camera lens, the Ray Flash creates a distinctive lighting effect, producing a virtually shadowless look on the front of the subject, while leaving a soft, even shadow around the edges. The versatile adapter is ideally suited for fashion, wedding, portrait, journalist and macro photography, as either a main or fill-in light.

The Ray Flash is one very cool piece of gear, said lighting expert David Hobby in his review of Ray Flash on Strobist.com. Its small, lightweight, maintains all of the flashs TTL functions. Best yet, [the latest Ray Flash design] loses only one stop of light as compared to direct flash. That last bit alone puts it head and shoulders above any [Do It Yourself] versions I have seen or tried. With that kind of output, it is even usable outside during the daylight at modest portrait distances.

The Ray Flash relies on the hot-shoe flash to generate its light and automatically takes advantage of a cameras TTL metering capabilities. The adapter easily slides over the front of a cameras flash unit and locks into place for easy, secure use. Weighing only 16 oz., the Ray Flash contains no electronics, batteries or flash tubes and does not require any cumbersome cables.

Current models of the Ray Flash are designed to fit the Canon 580EX (MKI & MKII) and Nikon SB800 flash units. With a 4 1/8 internal diameter, the adapter is large enough to accept almost all professional lenses from both Canon and Nikon. The Ray Flash will retail for 9 and is distributed exclusively by ExpoImaging, Inc. in the U.S.. The Ray Flash will be available through photo dealers nationwide as well as at www.expoimaging.net.

About ExpoImaging, Inc.

ExpoImaging Inc. develops and markets innovative camera accessories and is the pioneer in digital white balance filters. Ray Flash: The Ring Flash Adapter, ExpoAperture2 Depth-of-Field Guide and ExpoDisc Digital White Balance Filter are available at select photography dealers worldwide, or online at www.expoimaging.net.

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