ProMaster FT1700

ProMaster FT1700 is a powerful flash (guide number of 70 (ASA 100)) with a fast recycling time in a compact, durable body. It features Angle of Coverage: 60°H 45°V, Bounce Angle: -7° to 90°, Auto Range up to 3-17.5′ & 6-35′, with Recycling Time up to 3-10 Seconds, Automatic Exposure Control, and Power Source: 2 AA Alkaline Batteries. It has weighs 5 oz. (without batteries).

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Amazing little worker
“weighs nothing, uses 2 AA’s and is great with rechargeables, puts out auto f4 or f8 with asa 400, thyristor, works with any hot shoe, manual full power only or thyristor, bounce, wide throw, small, cheap,fast recycle… I love this little guy, I use it at my weddings, It’s lite and easy to use. I see guys with 580’s and laugh, this strobe uses less power and I can do a whole wedding on 2 AA recharables batts… yes 2 AA’s, amazing! It’s efficient and a great back up… now my main. You are not going to balance f16 sun with it for portraits although at 6 feet you get f16 asa 400.” – By John A. Phillips
Rating: ★★★★☆

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ProMaster FT1700 User Manual

– Download ProMaster FT1700 User Manual (PDF – 96.4kb)

Features & Specifications

ProMaster FT1700 Features & Specifications

The FT-1700 is a basic electonic flash featuring two zone automatic operation which frees you from the task of adjusting the aperature as the flash to subject distance changes. Its thryristor circuitry allows for rapid recycling so you will never miss a picture and extends your battery life. The FT-1700 has bounce capability for creative lighting effects. It works with all hot shoe cameras or any camera with a pc flash post.

• Guide Number: 70 (ASA 100)
• Auto Range: 3-17.5′ & 6-35′
• Power Source: 2 AA Alkaline Batteries
• Battery Life : Approx. 100-2000 flashes
• Recycling Time: 3-10 Seconds
• Angle of Coverage: 60°H 45°V
• Covers 35mm lens on 35mm camera
• Bounce Angle: -7° to 90°
• Automatic Exposure Control
• Weight: 5 oz. (without batteries)
• Thyristorized Computer Circuitry for more flashes and faster recycling time
• Works With All Hot Shoe Cameras or With PC Flash Post (Cord Included)

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