Promaster 5750DX

Promaster 5750DX is a powerful flash (guide number of 130 at ISO 100) with a fast recycling time in a compact, durable body. It features TTL Auto Range: 3-80′ (100 ISO), Normal Auto Range: 3-56′ (100 ISO), Angle of Coverage: Wide Panel-70°H 45°V Normal-46°H 34°V Tele-31°H 23°V, Bounce Angle: 0° to 90°, Swivel Angle: 0° to 180°, Recycling Time: 0.3-10 Seconds, Power Source: 4 AA Alkaline Batteries.

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Promaster 5750DX User Manual

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Features & Specifications

Promaster 5750DX Features & Specifications

The key to creating great flash pictures with your digital camera is using the right flash. PROMASTER offers a unique series of digital electronic flash units that provide great flexibility to both the digital and traditional photographer.

The PROMASTER 5750DX flash is the perfect companion to your digital or traditional SLR Camera. Digital photography, just like traditional film-based photography, often requires additional lighting, and very often, your digital camera’s flash has insufficient power to give you good flash pictures.

Not only can the PROMASTER 5750DX Digital Flash extend your flash range, but it can also be used to greatly enhance your images by reducing red-eye, filling in shadows and providing more even illumination.

The 5750DX is a versatile and powerful flash unit with a three-position zoom flash head, (wide, normal and telephoto). With the supplied wide-angle diffuser panel, the 5750DX gives you even illumination to cover a 28mm lens. The main flash head features the ability to tilt upward a full 90° and swivel 180° for maximum versatility.

The 5750DX also features a secondary fill-in flash, both front and rear flash ready lights, and auto power off to conserve battery life.

• Guide Number: 130 (100 ISO)
• TTL Auto Range: 3-80′ (100 ISO)
• Normal Auto Range: 3-56′ (100 ISO)
• Power Source: 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
• Recycling Time: 0.3-10 Seconds
• Angle of Coverage: Wide Panel-70°H 45°V
Normal-46°H 34°V
Tele-31°H 23°V
• Bounce Angle: 0° to 90°
• Swivel Angle: 0° to 180°
• Full TTL Dedication Code
• Front mounted ready light
• Auto Power-Off
• Use with PROMASTER FTM5000, FTA5000, 5000DX or 5050DXR series modules

One Response to “Promaster 5750DX”

  1. Jeff Glasser says:

    This is much better than the price or industry will indicate. I owned one for about 5-6 years before it finally bit the dust. I banged the stuffings out of it, but it kept ticking. It served me well throughout years of nightclub shoots and more genteel assignments. Thanks to the modular system, I used it with three brands of cameras. I didn’t see any difference between the 5750DX and the Canon 430EX it replaced — except the price.

    The high points: MUCHO power; see-in-the-dark red light close to the hot shoe; full camera automatics integration; extension cable for offset placement.

    The negatives: Construction could be more robust; low battery will provide weak illumination although flash indicates fully charged; company can be slow with module upgrades.

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