Pro-View wireless remote display


The Pro-View Wireless Remote Display (WRD) uses a micro-colour video camera and a 2.4 GHz transmitter in a custom enclosure that slips on the camera in place of the eye cup. You are now ready to see the view through your lens on your remote hand-held colour display. A focus adjusting knob allows for precise focusing on any camera.


The Pro-View WRD allows the photographer the freedom to be much more creative in camera placement. New perspectives can be attained with precise composition; no more point and hope shots. With the Pro-View WRD, you see what your camera sees by viewing the live view on a hand-held colour display.

You can position your camera high or low and comfortably view and frame your picture. Wildlife photographers using the Pro-View WRD and a remote release can get incredible shots while being completely out of sight of the wildlife. No more lying down in the mud to get ground level macro shots. Low level shots are a breeze with no more guessing about composition and focus. Sports photographers can get remote shots without guessing what is framed. Press photographers can shoot over crowds while viewing and framing every shot at eye level with the hand-held display. Photographers will invent hundreds of uses for the Pro-View WRD. The Pro-View Wireless Remote Display will be one of the most useful accessories in your camera bag.

Pricing and availability

The Pro-View Wireless remote display is available to order from for $475 (approx £250).

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