Pocket Wizard – Wireless Camera Control

Jamie Loriman has posted a review on a Pocket Wizard, a remote control which allow wireless control over your camera from a distance. The Pocket Wizard has been used extensively mainly by press photographers and nature photographers who may not be able to get close enough to the action/subject themselves.


“Wildlife isn’t really my thing but I can think of a number of ways in which you could use these in such environments. I’m sure a bird, fox, etc is more likely to approach a camera than it is a person. They can also be used to fire flash remotely in much the same way as an ST-E2 would but with more reliability and control. Personally, I love these little gadgets and would buy a pair straight away… however I might have to save up for a little while longer as a sat of these will cost you £260 + vat + the cost of the cable at £82(canon) and £115(Nikon). However I can almost guarantee that at some stage I will end up buying a pair of these magnificent tools, I have sent them back now but my brain is still doing overtime thinking of all the other ways I could use them…from the rafters at an indoor circuit, above a basketball net, on a kart (properly this time), on a motorbike, in the kitchens of EPZ towers at dinner time… the possibilities are endless.”

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