Picture Information Extractor PIE 3.9 with full RAW support

Picmeta LogoPicmeta Systems has announced version 3.9 of its Picture Information Extractor (PIE) which adds full support for RAW files and enhanced Makernote information. PIE now can handle RAW files of almost any camera. It can extract metadata (EXIF), generate thumbnails, and display RAW images in the viewer. Reading of proprietary Makernote data is improved and includes JPG and RAW files from Canon, Fujifilm, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Sigma, Panasonic, Pentax and Sony.

PIE is a picture browser and viewer dedicated to the digital photography. It extracts metadata (EXIF) from digital photos and makes it available in a convenient interface. Based on this data PIE automates common tasks like file transfer and rename. Renaming is keyed to the date and time as well as other photo information, controlled by a filename mask which can be customized easily. Photos taken in portrait mode can automatically be rotated (lossless). With the latest update, pictures of many different cameras can profoundly be reviewed using one single tool.

Other products of Picmeta Systems are PrintStation, a tool for fast generating of photo albums and documentations, and PIE Studio, which combines the metadata features of PIE with the print features of PrintStation.

Pricing and Availability

A free evaluation version of PIE 3.9 is available. The full version costs $25.00 (US). Licensed users are entitled to lifetime free updates. The software runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista. Further information on the product, as well as its evaluation copy is available from http://www.picmeta.com/products/picture-information-extractor.htm.
Picture Information Extractor can be ordered directly from http://www.picmeta.com/purchase.htm.

About You/Your Company:
Picmeta Systems is a pioneer company in digital photography. Its products were the first with the ability to extract metadata, even before the EXIF standard has evolved, and the lossless rotation feature. Picmeta Systems aims at making the digital imaging workflow easier and more productive.
For further information about Picmeta Systems visit http://www.picmeta.com.

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