PhotoZoom Pro 2 – Review by ThinkCamera

PhotoZoom Pro 2 has been reviewed by ThinkCamera where they rate the software 6/10 and continue to write;


“If you regularly increase file size and are unhappy with the job that Photoshop does then check out Photo Zoom Pro 2. I would strongly advise you to download the trial and come to your own conclusions. After a day’s testing I am convinced that this is better than any method found in Photoshop and this was true on every single image I tried – I could always produce a better image in Photo Zoom Pro 2 than Photoshop. However, the difference was only huge in a small number of cases – particularly ones where there was high contrast text. If you have high contrast sharp edged objects in your pictures then Photo Zoom Pro 2 will kill Photoshop every time. “

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One Response to “PhotoZoom Pro 2 – Review by ThinkCamera”

  1. David says:

    I am baffled. There is no difference what so ever when I pass a picture through this software. None! ?

    Can anyone advise me.

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