Photowalk with Marc Silber

Some great tips from professional photographer Marc Silber who takes us around the Long Ridge Open Space Preserve above Silicon Valley.

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  1. Marc Silber says:

    I really enjoyed having a chance to not only talk about some of the things I’ve learned about photography along the way, but to also talk about this amazing place: Long Ridge Ranch where I grew up above buzzing of silicon valley

    I have companion ebook to the video “How to Take Memorable Photographs” which you can download @

    I really hope these help, let me know your thoughts, you can contact me on my site.



  2. Marc Silber says:

    I’m giving a free workshop at SmugMug covering these points live details on my site above.


  3. [[Neo]] says:

    Thanks for sharing your expertise, Marc – I’ll be looking forward for more episodes as I learn more about my own Nikon I just got.

    – [[Neo]]

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