PhotoSite Launches PhotoSafe


PhotoSite Launches PhotoSafe to Provide Secure Online Photo Storage

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., July 11, 2006 – Online photo-sharing service PhotoSite announced today that it has launched a new product called PhotoSafe to give members the ability to conveniently and securely store their digital photos online.


While an increasing number of people store images on computer hard drives, CDs and removable media, thinking that it’s the best way to keep them safe, the reality is that those images can still be at risk.

“Photos are memories and it’s extremely important to us to keep those memories safe,” said Heidi Gibson, PhotoSite vice president. “Most people keep their digital photos on their computer or on CDs, thinking they’re safe, but there are a lot of ways that images stored on a computer or a CD can be inadvertently lost or destroyed. With PhotoSafe, they are stored securely on multiple servers at multiple locations, so they’re not only safe, but also available 24 hours a day for viewing or downloading.”

PhotoSafe is sold as a standalone product and as a premium feature of PhotoSite’s photo sharing services. Those who are only interested in the PhotoSafe online storage feature can purchase two levels of PhotoSafe membership:

– Store 1,000 photos a month for $1.99 per month
– Store UNLIMITED photos for $2.99 per month

All existing PhotoSite paid members will be automatically given access to the PhotoSafe feature and all their images on PhotoSite will be backed up on PhotoSafe servers for free.

Digital photos can be uploaded to PhotoSafe using the AlbumBuilder software, via easy-to-use Web-based upload tools, by email or with a cellular phone. Once uploaded, the images are stored on multiple PhotoSafe servers at different physical locations to provide a high level of redundancy. Unlike other digital photo storage services, PhotoSafe does not mandate that members purchase prints or other merchandise to maintain their membership. Photos are stored as long as the member maintains their account. When an account is terminated and closed, members can reopen the account within 60 days and retrieve their photos.

PhotoSafe members can view their photos at any time simply by logging on to their account and visiting the Photo Manager where all of their photos are displayed as thumbnails. Members can easily navigate through their photos, and sort them according to date uploaded, date taken or filename. They can then select photos to order as prints or share them in online albums. From the Photo Manager page, members can also purchase prints at $0.29 for a 4×6 and $3.79 for an 8×10. Mugs and other photo gifts are available for purchase as well.

In addition to being able to securely store their digital photos, PhotoSafe members will also be able to use the full suite of PhotoSite photo sharing tools and features. These features include the ability to quickly and easily edit their photos with an assortment of tools including cropping and color management, and arrange them into albums to share online with their friends

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About PhotoSite
PhotoSite, a part of the United Online family of companies, is a photo-sharing service that enables digital camera owners to quickly and easily create, design and share Web-based photo albums on their own Web site. Photos can be uploaded and published to the Internet with just a few clicks. Mobile features allow customers to view online albums from any Web-enabled mobile device, or to post camera phone images. A ‘Favorite PhotoSites’ section on the home page makes it easy to link to other albums from throughout the PhotoSite community.

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