Removing Freckles

In this tutorial we’re going to show you how you can remove freckles easily and quikcly using gaussian blur and history brush.

Here are the before and after photos;

removing freckles

Step 1.)
Once you have opened your image, duplicate your background layer by choosing ‘layer>duplicate layer’ or simply drag your background layer to ‘create new layer’ button in the layer pallete.

removing freckles

Step 2.) Now apply gaussian blur (filter > blur > gaussian blur) to your background copy. Try to drag the slider slowly to the right until you see the freckles are no longer visible.

removing freckles

Step 3.) If you can’t find your history pallete on the screen, go to window > history to bring up the history pallete

removing freckles

Step 4.) Now click on the duplicate layer state to return your photo to what it looked like when you haven’t applied the gaussian blur. Also click in the first column next to gaussian blur state.

removing freckles

Step 5.) Choose the ‘History Brush’ from your tool pallete. Change the History Brush’s Mode to ‘lighten’ to keep from simply painting in a blurry version of our photo.

removing freckles

Step 6.) Start to paint your photo to remove the freckles. If you find that the person looks ‘too clean’ you can always undo your step, and lower the opacity of the brush and try again.

removing freckles

10 Responses to “Removing Freckles”

  1. veedee says:

    Just wanna congratulate you, your blogs is online again.

  2. I’m a retired mailman learning Photoshop and I have to say this is the best tip yet! My wife has had freckles all her life, and I can really make her look great with this one! One tiny difference, instead of adjusting the history brush to “lighten”, I like to use normal, this gives them the great complexion in a few simple clicks. Keep up the great work.

  3. carolina says:

    thanks a lot for the tip!!! best i found today!

  4. Nahtanoj says:

    thank your for your kindness of sharing this helful tips….truly its a great help for me as a newbie in photoshop.Keep up the good work to your fellows.

  5. Laura says:

    Thanks. This works well for other blemishes like spots too, really useful. Trying to learn touching-up photosso thanks!

  6. jacci obrien says:

    Let me remind you all of something that a wise old man said to me years ago……
    A face without freckles…………….is like a sky without stars.

  7. Sandeep says:

    It is really great help to us to correct our photo.

    Thanks for such help and tip.

    Sandeep Sharma


  8. retoucher77 says:

    nice tutorial, thanks for posting 🙂

  9. Mr Abdul says:

    I have another method for removing the wreckles.
    Firstly, open your photo in photoshop.
    Then select the Blur Tool on Left panel.
    And try to paint your photo as your expect ratio.

  10. divarin says:

    why would you want to remove freckles? that’s crazy. freckles are beautiful.

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