Creating Dramatic Lighting Effect Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how you can easily creating drama with a soft spotlight lighting effect in photoshop. Here’s the before and after example;


Let’s get started!

Step 1.) Open your image, then choose filter>render>lighting effect


Step 2.) Choose the flashlight from the dropdown menuat the top of the dialog.


Step 3.) Look at the small spotlight in the center of your image on your preview window. (a) Drag the center point into the position where you want it, also you can (b) adjust the circle of light so that they’re larger/smaller by clicking on one of the side points and drag it outward/inward.


Step 4.) Unfortunately there’s no step 4. You’re done!

Originally posted: 12 September 2007

5 Responses to “Creating Dramatic Lighting Effect Tutorial”

  1. jemer says:

    =O pretty XD the uhh, tutorial XD 😀


  2. knighty says:

    Nice ‘n neat ^.^

  3. reckless says:

    Seriously? This is one of the worst ways to create “dramatic” lighting! If you’re going to give tutorials for people to use, using a minor filter alone DOES NOT SUFFICE. Jeez. There’s quite a few ways to pull off an ACTUAL DRAMATIC lighting, and it’s mosdef NOT USING THE SPOTLIGHT. Learn more about photoshop and lighting per se intead of wanking off dumb ass tutorials that state using a filter alone.

  4. AVACBLUE says:

    i like this tutorial very simple yet wonderful output!!! thankzz more tutorials please

  5. K.P. says:

    Are you serious? This has to be the worst tutorial ever. People who just started Photoshop will have better outcomes just by putting their names on the picture.

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