Creating Custom Copyright Brush

This tutorial will show you a quick way to apply your copyright watermark to an image using photoshop brush.

Step 1) We’ll be starting off by creating a new document (file>new>new document). Don’t worry about the document size, it does not really matter as you will always be able to resize your brush when you need it later on.

Copyright Brush Tutorial

Step 2) Create a new layer (layer>new>layer), and get a copyright symbol on your new document by a). choosing Custom Shape Tool on your Tools Pallete then b). Click on the third icon on the left to create custom shapes using pixels rather than paths, c). Choose the copyright symbol from the default set of shapes.

Copyright Brush Tutorial

Step 3) Write your copyright info on the same layer with the Type tool

Copyright Brush Tutorial

Step 4) Get your Rectangular Marquee tool (M), and click-and-drag a selection around your copyright symbol and info. Choose Define Brush Preset (edit>Define Brush Preset) and name your brush.

Copyright Brush Tutorial

Step 5) Now it’s time to use your new brush. Open a photo, choose the Brush Tool from your tools pallete, choose your copyright brush from your Brush Picker, create a new layer from your photo and click once where you want your copyright info to appear.

Copyright Brush Tutorial

Copyright Brush Tutorial

Step 6) You can change the opacity of the layer to get your copyright info transparent

Copyright Brush Tutorial

13 Responses to “Creating Custom Copyright Brush”

  1. Jacques says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, but it does not work entirely: the brush colour ends up being black, and not white as what you have indicated.

    How, once the copyright information was typed in black, does one change it to be whtie?

  2. Jacques.. before you apply your new brush (step 5) make sure you’ve changed the foreground color to white.

  3. chris harrison says:

    I cant get the “(c)” symbol from the toolr bar/pallette onto the document to type out.

  4. After you choose the copyright symbol from the set, click and drag your mouse on the document (layer)

  5. rebekah says:

    when i batch post, the copyright does not show up when i re-open the file….what am i doing wrong??!!

  6. Brett says:

    A better method of adding a copyright symbol (instead of using Shapes Tool) is to add it in at anypoint directly into your text when the Type Tool is activated by pressing the keys OPT/G (on the Mac). You can select just this character from the rest to enlargen its font so that it stands out. If you want more control of its position within the line of copyright text, just add a layer, OPT/G, and use the Move Tool to position it where you want.

  7. marissa says:

    i am new with photoshop. can the watermarks be “rigged” by others? thanks

  8. Nicole says:

    I can’t seem to find the video tutorial you had about 6 months ago… can you provide me with a link to it? Or tell me where to find it? Thanx! :o)

  9. resimler says:

    Great help
    Thank you.

  10. Pearl says:

    Thank you for sharing! It was very helpful for me.

  11. Brian Taylor says:

    As stated above just change the colour on the pallette to anything you want.

    I usually put the copright info in a new layer enabling me to position it anywhere on the photograph.

  12. Matt says:

    I have created a watermark with this method, but as Photoshop actions do not allow brush strokes, I cannot batch process multiple photos to add my new watermark as I did in the past with a text tool watermark. How can I do this?
    The problem is, my new watermark is a “symbol” and not so much text, so I can’t use the text action. I want to be able to watermark multiple photos at once with one command. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



  13. mahboobeh says:

    Great help
    Thank you.

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