Apply Eye Make-up

This photoshop tutorial will show you how you can add eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara to any model easily with Photoshop CS.

Make Up tutorial with Photoshop

Make Up tutorial with Photoshop

Step1: Open your photo, go to the layer pallete. Create a new layer by clicking the new layer button on your layer pallete, then choose color as the blending mode.

Make Up tutorial with Photoshop

Step2: Select a brush, in this case i’m using a brush with the size of 17, and double click the swatch to change the color. I put 100 cyan, 50 magenta, and 0 into yellow and black.

Make Up tutorial with Photoshop

Make Up tutorial with Photoshop

Step3: Start to paint onto the new layer around the eyelids

Make Up tutorial with Photoshop

Step4: Change the color to magenta 90. Create a new layer and change the blending mode to soft light. You can start paint the eyeshadow on the new layer. Use the eraser tool with a brush size of 100 and hardness of 0 to remove some of the color to give a soft gradient

Make Up tutorial with Photoshop

Step5: Now using eyedropper tool, select point sample from the bottom eyelashes. Create a new layer, change the blending mode to multiply, and make an eyeliner using brush of 17 pixels and remove overspill with an erase brush of 12 pixels.

Make Up tutorial with Photoshop

That’s it!

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Comment by Glenn
2006-01-20 07:20:25

Awesome. Very nice tut.

Comment by kristie
2008-03-18 10:40:06

how dooes thiss work?

Comment by m00finz
2006-02-07 10:47:08

Very nice tut! Beautiful effects there =D

Comment by ME
2006-10-29 12:29:05

very helpful ;)

Comment by sha
2007-07-12 00:07:54

I cant figure it out

it just looks wrong by me
and I did exactly what the tutorial said to do! :(

what am I doing wrong? mine doesnt look natural and real! :S

Comment by katrina
2007-10-20 06:17:00

you have to change the opacity(sorry wrong spelling)to around 10-20%
hope that helps.

Comment by tanisha
2008-10-15 18:27:44

what u can do is change the opacity it so that it looks more natural and real.

Comment by Tima
2007-07-16 23:56:23

i agree with sha… I can’t get mine to look natural or real eaither

Comment by MArtin
2007-08-22 05:24:57

Hey, Have u noticed , when select the BRUSH HARDNESS IS SET TO 0%!!!!!!!!
Thats all ^^

Comment by Nate
2007-09-12 01:10:47

I think you guys are forgetting to go to blending options when you make the new layer and switch it to “color”, hope that helps!

Comment by ahmed Subscribed to comments via email
2007-10-27 20:58:52

waw beautifeul makeup and eyes

Comment by Angela
2007-12-28 02:15:40

Mine came out perfect! thanks.

Comment by LORENZO Subscribed to comments via email
2008-04-15 18:14:48


Comment by cube Subscribed to comments via email
2008-04-19 06:39:02

i tried it, its worked…thank for ur excellent tutorial…i just luv i become addicted..hehehe:P..if you dun mind shall we do back link.. thank you

Comment by saby Subscribed to comments via email
2008-04-21 12:01:24

cc tt le monde comment on fai

Comment by mimi
2008-04-25 10:03:26

mine came out perfect…thnkz..

Comment by yota
2008-05-19 02:32:52

yeye i did it.. mine looks natural.. thanx a lot, i finally learned something new!! Great!!

Comment by krizia Subscribed to comments via email
2008-07-16 03:51:02

Where can I download this program?

Comment by steph
2008-08-17 15:45:47

mine didnt work at all x.o dont know why.. it just looked… wierd. i used CS2

Comment by vigdis
2008-08-24 03:21:49

min was terrable, i coldidnt find

Step4: Change the color to magenta 90. Create a new layer and change the blending mode to soft light. You can start paint the eyeshadow on the new layer. Use the eraser tool with a brush size of 100 and hardness of 0 to remove some of the color to give a soft gradientand .

remove overspill with an erase brush of 12 pixels.

Comment by Joanna
2008-09-05 10:35:15

The biggest problem with using brushes with exact pixels that are in the tutorial is that different cameras put out photos of different sizes. You have to make sure that the size of the brush is proportional in your photo. A photograph taken with a 12 million pixels as oppose to 2 will need a larger brush then what is in tutorial. Same thing goes for a photo that is cropped to a 4×6 at 150 dpi, you will need to use smaller brushes in that case. I hope this makes sense…

Comment by whopper
2008-09-11 11:56:08

i dont get it

Comment by bec
2008-09-14 03:14:57

im sorry but i dont get it … wen i try it ,it just dosnt look right . im so confused i dont no wat to do :S

Comment by Carolina
2008-09-18 15:38:43

There are some brushes that you can download, that already have the shape of eye shadow, liner and so on.

Work with brushes, it’s easier!

Comment by dawn vicknair
2008-10-20 18:11:52


Comment by gateaway
2008-12-24 03:02:31

good but not that detail of this tutorial

Comment by Ian
2009-01-02 16:57:24

total crap, looks like a kids drawing when I do it!

Comment by Dannie
2009-01-17 15:59:36

How Do Yuu Get It?

Im Stuck :S

Comment by junior
2009-02-19 20:56:38

eu falo e portugues pora

Comment by andreea
2009-02-20 14:57:49

Mine it’s perfect.
Do not forget to change opacity and fill after drawing the eye make-up. This tutorial is great even if you want to paint the lips. It’s the same thing and the lips look awesome.
Good job and thank you very much.
I have learned a lot from it.

Comment by Olivia
2009-03-08 01:51:36

Sweet! Did some eyeliner and things. It looked nice once I messed with the opacity a bit.

Comment by Samir Pradhananga Subscribed to comments via email
2009-03-29 04:34:59

Very Very Educational. I/We like it.

Comment by retoucher77
2009-06-04 07:44:12

lovely effect, thanks for posting!

Comment by clippingimages
2009-10-24 05:16:56

WoW :) Very easy, short and well defined tutorial. Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial.

Comment by timothea
2010-01-20 08:19:21

how i can download this ?

Comment by
2010-03-09 02:55:08

Very nice & helpful tut.

Comment by Rachael-Hannah
2010-03-15 09:20:47

this was really good :)
worked perfectly!!

Comment by Mala-Zaba
2010-05-16 18:13:55

Very nice!

Comment by Al Kamal Md. Razib
2010-06-13 01:33:01

Very good tutorial ! Nice posting ! Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Andreea Subscribed to comments via email
2010-06-22 04:23:13

Thank you! Helpful indeed!

Comment by Marinela Subscribed to comments via email
2010-07-28 05:50:59


Comment by Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni
2010-08-02 02:39:23

So creative tips.

Comment by arya
2010-08-05 23:04:08

have a nice tutorial dude…………

Comment by alaa
2010-08-25 20:09:30

i dont get that

Comment by kim Subscribed to comments via email
2010-11-06 00:15:04

wow! great! thanks, it really gave me a great help!

Comment by mece
2010-12-03 15:57:22

how can I downlaod it ?

Comment by Ela
2010-12-05 14:24:30

Nice…Check up on mine too..:) Is my first “adding make-up” attempt..What do you think? Cheers.

Comment by Shaff
2010-12-10 23:10:24

Really vey nice
i did this without a problem
very easy…….
thank you

Comment by Rachel
2010-12-14 07:19:55

Thank you this was very helpful. I use CS3 Extended, and I tried different blending modes to achieve the look I wanted.

Comment by makeuptips
2011-02-20 23:08:48

There is an art to makeup application. When make up is applied correctly, it can look beautiful. When it is done incorrectly, however, it can make the wearer look like a circus clown. Here are some tips on How To Learn Makeup Tips

Comment by Alesia
2011-05-20 12:52:03

it looks very useful and good! where can i download ? plss an answer! :)

Comment by Khursheed Alam
2011-06-07 14:38:20

Awesome… superb, easy and simple way to create stunning beauty… Good job… I did something other things with photo manupulation… but your idea is very good… I’ve to use this idea for my creation… Keep going

Comment by stranger Subscribed to comments via email
2011-06-19 11:57:20

hey some prob my 1 isn’t natural ………

Comment by Eyelastin
2011-09-20 06:25:19

I really liked this and this is what i am looking for please tell me in detail..

Comment by Su Su San burmese
2011-09-30 09:38:56

Yes, I am trying to download photoshop. But my computer said “It can not download to your computer, because you need administrator permission and password”. So I do not know what is it what is password of administrator and how can I get permission from administrator.

Please someone can explain me?

Comment by Zannat
2013-03-03 22:59:38

Awesome nice work i really like it


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