Photoshop Tutorial: Adding Canvas Area with the Crop Tool

This tutorial will show you how you can add more canvas area easily using the Crop tool in Photoshop.

Step 1.) Open your image, zoom out (ctrl -), and press ‘f’, then set the background color for your canvas area. In this case, I want to add black canvas area to my photo. So I set my background color to black.


Step 2.) Now choose your Crop Tool from your Tool Pallete or by typing ‘c’.. then drag out a cropping marquee border on your image. Don’t worry about the size.


Step 3.) Grab the corner point of your marquee border and drag outside the image area into the gray area. Position the border where you wan to add the canvas space.


Step 4.) Press Enter, the grey area outside your image is now become black canvas space. From here, you can put a white border using stroke to your image, and add text in the bottom canvas area like my final image below..


6 Responses to “Photoshop Tutorial: Adding Canvas Area with the Crop Tool”

  1. pizzofmine says:

    very very useful! Thanx for sharing

  2. philip says:

    very simple
    many variations to this but this is best by far

  3. Ernest says:

    Thank you
    I learn best following detailed step by step directions that assume no previous knowledge
    even of common terms. So I ncountered a block in your otherwise beautifully lucid description.
    In step 4. you say ” put a white border using stroke to your image”. What stroke? What does one stroke and with what?

    I am sure that the step must be a simple and logical one, but I cannot imagine wht it is.
    Believe me I gave long thought to the problem before toubling you with it.
    Thank you again for your anticipated reply.


  4. Oldgold says:

    Thank you for the excellent description. I acheived the black border. But I don’t know how to “stroke your image” to add the white stripe.
    Help, please.

  5. HotShot says:

    Nice tut, comments and questions are justified, but why does’nt appear an answer ?

  6. Ok, to make a white strip..
    – choose rectangular marquee tool (m)
    – make a rectangular border around the image
    – Go to Edit > Stroke > Choose White > OK

    That’s it..

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