Adobe Photoshop CS2 Review


This feature lets you fine-tune your photos for truer images from edge to edge. Easily counteract barrel, pincushion and perspective distortion, and quickly correct chromatic aberration and vignetting, in any photo.

Photoshop CS2 Review: CONCLUSION

The new Photoshop CS2 is a big upgrade that gives photographers a hint of the future. Things like 32-bit functionality and faster processing speed are great news for working pros who need all the help they can get to satisfy their clients. But the upgrade is also important to serious amateurs. Simple things like better noise reduction, sharpening and optical lens corrections along with improved performance all around will make the upgrade worth the money to amateurs as well as pros.

Are there any negatives? Well it’s too early to tell. My guess is that it will be harder and harder to run Photoshop on anything but a powerful machine. There will be some changes to workflow that will take getting used to. But my early opinion is that none of these negatives outweigh the overwhelming positives.

Also note that Adobe lowered the price on the stand alone (non-upgrade) version of Photoshop CS2 by $50 but they have also instituted the mandatory registration for Mac users. PC users got this in version 8 or CS1.

About the author: Scott Bourne is the author of “88 Secrets to Selling & Publishing Your Photography” and “88 Secrets to Photoshop for Photographers.” Both are available from Olympic Mountain School Press, His work has also appeared in books, magazines, galleries, calendars, on greeting cards, web sites and on posters.

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