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Preclick Debuts PhotoMovieMaker™ Easy Movie Creator

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, N.J. – Sept. 12, 2006 – Digital photographers capture three times more images than they did with film, yet most collect unseen on hard drives. For the price of two movie tickets, Preclick PhotoMovieMaker™ lets consumers make unlimited photo movies to play on any DVD player.


Maybe family photo night is back.

PhotoMovieMaker lets digital camera users create compelling movies from their photos to play on DVD players. In minutes they can turn up to 250 still digital photos into a stylized movie, complete with music, captions and titles. They can enjoy their digital photos on their TV like their parents enjoyed family memories on their movie projector.

PhotoMovieMaker movies are easily made into VCDs, shared via email, or played as a PC screensaver. A CD or DVD burner is required to burn movies to disc.

“MySpace is moving to Main Street. Consumers want new things to do with digital photos,” said Brian Smiga, chief executive officer. “PhotoMovieMaker lets digital picture takers make stories with pictures, like a photo movie of their Summer 2006.”

Smiga added that PhotoMovieMaker is a great way to make gifts for friends, and an ideal gift for new digital camera owners.

Moviemakers can choose from four styles–Old Tyme, Snapshot, Classic and News Flash–and add music from their own MP3s. The software includes 50 free downloads from, the world’s largest unprotected music site. PhotoMovieMaker’s SRP is $19.95 at; promotional pricing may be offered through partners.

Preclick creates the co-branded photo organizer software for industry leaders HP, Wal-Mart, 3M, Costco, and SanDisk. These brands offer the free software to customers to manage and print their photos. PhotoMovieMaker is the latest in Preclick’s suite of add-on applications for HP Photosmart Essential, 3M Post-It® Photo Organizer, Wal-Mart Digital Photo Manager, and Preclick Gold Photo Organizer, an award-winning free download available from PhotoMovieMaker can also work independently, without an organizer.

About Preclick

Preclick, the photo lifetime software company, builds consumer software in 22 languages for HP, Costco, Wal-Mart, 3M, SanDisk, DotPhoto and others. Preclick’s award-winning photo management software provides digital camera owners the fastest and easiest way to organize, print, preserve and share their digital photos;

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  1. jack says:

    i purchased movie maker and got my unlock code,and cannot acess .say does not match email name!

  2. jan eisenbarth says:

    Thank you Charile

    For my code but I can`t get it to work.
    So can you please help me . I would like
    to beable to use this photoMovieMaker soon.

    or call me at 1-712-837-3714

  3. todeh says:

    I want to purchase the unlock key for the photomoviemaker and i dont know what to do or how to purchase it. Please help me out. thanks Todeh.

  4. jacob sygh,jr says:

    I purchsed preclick about a year ago. Is there anyway I can download this program to mt P.C.? I have an unlock code. Thank-you

  5. Nick says:

    Can you send me an e-mail with the code? I bought the unlock code but it doesn’t work for me. If someone can help me please send an e-mail with the code.

    skype: nikolai.romanov.iliev

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