Photography Video Tutorial – Depth of Field

A photography tutorial on depth of field with Shelton Muller of Total Image magazine

2 Responses to “Photography Video Tutorial – Depth of Field”

  1. Shaithis says:

    Great video!

  2. ArtistryJewelryStudios says:

    Thank-you for making this concept completely understandable to someone like me! I have only been using my digital camera for a few years! Prior to that, I hadn’t had a camera since the age of 16(I’m 51)!!. I’ve self taught myself & it took me 2 months to produce my first “successful” basic photo! I am going to begin experimenting immediately! BTW: the other sites I went to prior to finding this one, kept urging folks to use imaging software! I don’t want to know how to use photoshop! I want to know how to use my camera! Thank-you for your great tutorial! Aprilee

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