Photography Tips – 24 Feb’10

The Full Photographer’s Guide to Aperture & Shutter Priority Mode
A must read guide for beginner photographers who are still not familiar with Aperture (Av or A) & Shutter (Tv or S) Priority mode on their Digital Camera.


Guide to Daytime Long Exposures
Read this buy­ing guide to assist you in mak­ing the right pur­chases to pho­to­graph day­time long expo­sures.

Five Tips to Improve Your Portraits
Josh Ryan shares some tips for anyone who’s ever been frustrated by a batch of photos that just didn’t turn out.

Controlling File Size When Resizing Photos During Photo Editing
To manage image size during photo editing, you must take into account the major contributors to file size. These are image complexity, resolution, and compression.

How to Shoot and Post-Process Professional HDR Photos in One Day
Learn how to shoot sequence for HDR and how to edit your HDR images with Photomatix and Photoshop

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