Photography Tip: Taking Great Baby Photos

Taking pictures of your new baby is a great way to preserve life long memories. Baby pictures can also make great postcards, keepsakes, or baby shower gifts. Here are some simple tips to get great baby pictures:

1) Avoid bright light – Babies are especially sensitive to bright light including harsh sunlight and flash photography. If possible, try to take photos during the day when flash photography is not necessary. You can also use lamps to create lighting.

Tips on taking great baby photos

2) Take pictures from different distances – Try to take pictures from different distances. Most people like to take close-up pictures, but pictures that are too close can be blurry and out of focus. By taking several pictures from different distances, you can keep the ones that are the best.

3) Be aware of your baby’s mood – Try not to start a photo session when your baby is cranky or crying. If your baby is in a bad mood, then wait awhile until he or she is better rested or calmed. You will get better pictures when your baby is in good spirits.

4) Use a high quality camera and film – This tip may seem simple, but is worth saying. Using high quality cameras and film can make a big difference in the quality of the photo, especially if you are creating photo gifts or favors.

5) Get rid of any distractions – Make sure there are not too many distractions when taking pictures. Anything that moves or makes noise, like the TV, should be turned off is possible. Having too many people around can also be distracting for the baby.

6) Take multiple shots – Taking different shots is a good idea for any type of photography, particularly if you are making photo gifts. Sometimes it is hard to tell if a shot will turn out good until it is actually produced, so get those extra shots just in case.

7) Background – Make sure that there is not too much distracting stuff in the background. The focus should be on the baby, so plain backgrounds usually work best.

8) Other people – Try taking pictures of the baby with other people as well, including you. A baby will interact with other people and these interactions captured on film can make great keepsakes.

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  1. Mark Hoad says:

    My fiancee is going to be giving birth to our first baby around the beginning of July and I am looking for a camera to take some good photos with. My budget is around the £150-180 mark and I am wondering if anyone had any ideas of cameras.
    I have been looking at the Fujifinepix S8100fd, but am reading some great reviews then some abd ones.
    Any hel[p would be very much appreciated

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