Photography Tip: Infrared Photography with Sony’s Night-shot mode

This is really cool. Today I learned I could use my Sony f717 camera to take those neat Infrared photos with a floppy disk as an IR filter.

I knew the camera could take such photos, as I’ve seen plenty of examples on the Sony forum. What I didn’t know is that I could experiment with this mode without having to shell out for an R72 filter first.

All you need is one of those old five and a quarter inch floppy disks from that box of diskettes you’ve been clinging to in your closet. Rip one apart today. One that’s labelled DOS 4.01 would be a really good choice. Get the round disk out of it. Then put your camera into nightshot mode (not night-framing). Go outside and hold the floppy best as you can over the front of the lens flat. Then find some nice puffy clouds and trees to take a picture of. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Give this a try folks! It’s positively addictive. Now, I wonder if I can do this with my Nikon D70?

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Rick is an avid amateur photographer who runs the popular blog Better Digital Photography

3 Responses to “Photography Tip: Infrared Photography with Sony’s Night-shot mode”

  1. Hza says:

    Jannete, Post some samples! Now, I gotta go dig up my old 5.25″ floppies..

  2. Infrared Photography says:

    Oh well this article was submitted a .. while ago, but I was hoping to see some sample pictures as Hza said 6 years ago ! Is there any place to see pictures taken with this method ?

    I want to try 😀

  3. pc says:

    Eheh… another here! 😀

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