Photographing Squirrels Tips

Michael Castelano has written an interesting tutorial on how to take better photos of squirrels posted at Photosig. Here’s one of his strategy to make the squirrels posing for you;


“… get out your food and call over the squirrels. The idea is to make friends with one and gain its trust. Feed it for awhile, and then see if you can manuever it up into a suitable tree by walking VERY slowing towards the squirrel in a non-threatening way. The squirrel will get a little nervous, but will not be terrified of you. Typically it will head for safety and the nearest tree. But, since it’s interested in being fed and not really threatened, it will usually only climb up the tree for a short distance. It will then hang on the side and peek around at you to see if you are still willing to feed it.”

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