Photographing in Winter

Dave Johnson has written good tips on how to shoot in an extreme cold weather. Here’s what he says about the camera batteries

Man photographing in snow

“First and foremost, remember that batteries don’t like cold weather one bit. Outdoors in winter, it’s not unusual for your digital camera’s batteries to give up in less than half the time they ordinarily last in more temperate conditions. It’s a good idea to carry a set of spares, especially if you plan to document the construction of an entire snowman. Here’s a tip that has worked on many winter excursions: I keep my spare batteries in an inside pocket, where they can benefit from my body heat. When it’s time to swap, I put the “dead” cells in that pocket so they can warm up a bit. If I need to, I can put those batteries back in the camera–they’ll often be good for a few more shots after they’ve warmed up a bit.”

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