Photobloggies 2006 Awards Winners

Photobloggies has announced the winners and runners up for the 2006 Awards. The Photobloggies is an annual award ceremony celebrating photoblogging around the world which has been organized by Brandon Stone, Jake Dobkin, and Rannie Turingan since 2005.

So, the winners of Photobloggies 2006 Awards are…


Photoblog of the Year:
Photo of the Year:

Best American Photoblog:
Best Canadian Photoblog:
Best Latin American Photoblog:
Best Western European Photoblog:
Best Australian / New Zealand Photoblog:
Best Eastern European / Russian Photoblog:
Best Japanese Photoblog:
Best Southeast Asian Photoblog:
Best African / Middle Eastern Photoblog:

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