Summer Photography Tips & Inspirations

Looking for some inspirations to help you have fun with those summer memories? Here are some tips and photo inspirations to take better summer photographs..

I’m gonna TICKLE you… by nascity

SUMMER PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS have great tips on summer photography tips where they write;
“Almost like the bright white snow of winter, bright surfaces under summer sun can ‘fool’ light meters and automatic cameras. The can be subjects looking too dark. Camera exposure systems, and light meters “see” the bright scenes as medium gray. Light readings directly from bright scenes result in underexposing the scene. Compensating for this potential exposure error simple requires a wider lens opening or longer shutter speed. Manual cameras can be set to the wider opening of between 1 and 2 f-stops.”

Elissa Brown wrote an article ‘5 photo tips for preserving your summer memories‘ where she says;
“Another good way to help preserve summer pictures is to create a Photo Story and then burn it onto a DVD to send to your friends and relatives. They will love sharing the memories with you. If you have never created a Photo Story, it’s easy to get started. Friends and family will be able to view your Photo Story over and over again on the PC using Microsoft Windows Media Player or on their TV through a DVD player.”

Adobe has an article on Taking pictures in bright light where they suggest;
“Have people open their eyes right before you take the picture. When everyone is standing around with the sun shining right in their eyes or the snow’s glare bouncing up from below, it’s natural for people to squint their eyes. Before you take the picture, have people close their eyes. Count of three and tell them to open their eyes. You take the picture at the count of four. It’s that simple.”

MSN also has some great summer photo tips article which suggests solutions for ‘glare and reflections‘ where they write;
“A polarizing filter will reduce or eliminate the problem and make the colors of the sky and foliage deeper. Polarizing filters are handy in overcast light, where they reduce glare on wet foliage and increase color saturation. A polarizer can also be used to remove unwanted reflections from glass, plastic, and painted surfaces. However, the polarizer does not remove reflections from shiny metal surfaces.”


Sunflower by deborah lattimore
Fountain of Youth by WAXY POETIC
Summer Self Portrait by George G. Chiodo
sprinkler kid by foreversouls
Cooling Off by lil
Airborne by Angela
Lena & Magz Splash by Hensdill
Looks like summer by Rosina
Scent of Summer by skitz
The biker by EightJs
Spin by childish_david
Water Dragon by ~Aphrodite
Monkeybar kids by foreversouls
Air Time by More Altitude
Electric Slide by Sdgard

If you have interesting summer photos, let us know.. So that we can add them to the list..

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  1. thanks for this collection of tips, it can be tough to keep your photographs interesting and a good photographer must always make interesting work.

  2. sarit says:

    Great summer photography tips, thanks.

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