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Popular Photography & Imaging’s Aimee Baldridge has published 20 very usefull tips on getting good photo printing result. Here’s one of them;


When should I use glossy paper and when matte?
Glossy papers can make colors look more vibrant and give black-and-white photos a broader apparent tonal range. The way that light reflects off a glossy surface makes blacks look blacker. Glossy papers are also good for photos that will be handled instead of displayed, since they’re often more durable, though they show fingerprints.For aesthetics, many serious printers prefer fine art papers with a matte finish; these also minimize reflections when framed. If you’re using a matte paper to print b&w, you’ll get the best results with a color ink set that includes a “matte black”—which you may have to swap with a “photo black” cartridge—or a custom monochrome ink set with four or more inks. The wider range of black ink densities will compensate for the loss of the reflectivity of glossy paper. If you want to use very thick matte papers, get a printer with a straight paper path that won’t damage your media.”

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