Phoenix SmartFlash PZ139

Phoenix SmartFlash PZ139 features Automatic Powerzoom Head, Fast recycling IGBT circuitry, EV adjustment in 5 steps, Dual Power Saving Mode, AF Infra-red focusing lamp for low lighting focusing, Bounce and swivel angle for creative and shadow free flash photography, Auto confirmation indicator, and Fully compatible with Canon ETTL II.

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Features & Specifications

Phoenix SmartFlash PZ139 Features & Specifications

The SmartFlash PZ-139 Powerzoom flashgun is designed specially for high performance, precise flash output with full dedication to the latest model of Digital SLR cameras. Simply operation can be achieved in just 3 steps, mount and secure, turn on and you are ready, flash your way for that perfect flash shot.

Within the SmartFlash PZ139, the inbuilt zoom automatically adjusts according to the focal length of the camera lens with clear LED zoom indicator located at the back of the flash.

Further, the zoom head can be bounced up to 90 degree and swivel 330 degree for creative lighting or shadow reduction. 5 steps of EV control can be adjusted directly on the SmartFlash PZ139 in ½ EV increment and dual power saving feature (Sleep mode and power off circuitry) ensure maximum battery usage.

* Dedicated for Canon SLR Digital Cameras
* Guide number at 42m/139ft (ISO100@85mm)
* Automatic Powerzoom Head
* Fast recycling IGBT circuitry
* EV adjustment in 5 steps
* Dual Power Saving Mode
* AF Infra-red focusing lamp for low lighting focusing
* Bounce and swivel angle for creative and shadow free flash photography
* Auto confirmation indicator
* Fully functional with DSLR flash features including EV adjustment, red eye reduction, slow synchronization, second curtain synchronization and power ratio flash control (Canon G series) (Power ratio flash control on Canon G series is only functional when the camera is set to M mode)
* Fully compatible with Canon ETTL II

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