Phixr Online Photo Editor

Phixr is new online photo editor where you can quickly edit your digital photos whether you are at home or at some internet cafe far far away in the middle of nowhere.



Vienna, Austria (PRWEB) April 6, 2006—A small Austrian company today launched, a free Web-based photo editor with a user interface similar to many desktop applications. “The site’s user interface is on the forefront of Web application development,” said Thomas Winischhofer, the founder of “Its interactivity with the user sets new standards, especially by using interface elements, which were so far only common to ordinary desktop applications.” Winischhofer created to accommodate digital photographers when they don’t have access to their picture editing software. offers users a full palette of interactive tools to easily manipulate photo files without having to download software. In addition to its many operations for resizing, rotating and flipping pictures, it features tools to eliminate the infamous “red-eye” effect and to create personal greeting cards. New interface technologies make it possible to present the user with a preview for every operation. also provides its members with a Web-based solution for creating e-mail friendly versions of photographs, which was the original inspiration for Winischhofer’s creation.

“I was in an Internet cafe in Sweden and wanted to send digital photos to my friends back home,” Winischhofer said. “Before doing so, though, I needed to shrink them because they were too big for e-mailing—but the computer I worked with had no photo editor application. Now, I would just upload them to, shrink them and e-mail them directly from the site. ”’s many features perfectly integrate with online photo services, such as, by offering support for downloading and uploading photos. For more information or to sign up for a free account, please visit

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