Philips 6FF3FPW Digital Photo Frame

Philips 6FF3FPW is a 5.6-Inch Digital Photo Frame features 320 x 234 high-resolution picture display, Brightness: 200 cd/m^2, Aspect ratio: 4:3, Contrast ratio: 300:1, and built-in USB port. This digital photo frame also supports CF, MD, MS, MMC, SD, and xD memory cards, and USB Thumb Drives; Plays JPEG files. The Digital Photo Frame measures (W x H x D) 6.6 x 5.3 x 4 inch. and weighs 2 pounds.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

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Philips 6FF3FPW Digital Photo Frame User Reviews

Great Bang for the Buck with some Caveats-5.6″ Model; focus for Mac Users
“Photo Quality Performance: I would have to say the quality sort of blew me away with the brightness of the little screen….brighter than the panels of two years ago. From across the room you can see the image…not clearly mind you but also not so dark that it blends in. I was really struck by the brightness and colorful almost “popping” light of the unit. And mind you this is with photos scaled back to like 320 x 240. I thought the pictures would suck..but they did not. Again I am not looking for miracles, not for $30.” – By S. Bachman
Rating: ★★★★☆

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Philips 6FF3FPW Digital Photo Frame Expert Reviews

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Philips 6FF3FPW Digital Photo Frame User Manual (PDF)

– Download Philips 6FF3FPW Digital Photo Frame User Manual (PDF – 4.6MB)

Features & Specifications

Philips 6FF3FPW Digital Photo Frame Features & Specifications

Philips 6FF3FPW 5.6-Inch LCD Display Analog Digital Photo Frame

How many digital pictures are hidden on your PC? See, share, organize and relive your memories with Philips PhotoFrame, the easiest way to share your memories by displaying your digital photos in stunning quality — without a PC.

Multiple Viewing Modes
Flexible display modes give you the freedom to display your photos in a variety of different views. You can display your photos one image at a time, in thumbnail mode for quick and easy searches, or create a slideshow of your favorite photos. You can even display the same photo continuously for 1,000 hours without any damage to the LCD screen.

Keep in mind that Philips digital photo frames are compatible with JPEG files. The JPEG format is in accordance with the camera industry standards and the frame is designed to display photos with the same industry standards. Pictures that are not in JPEG format, such as web, scanned or RAW images, cannot be displayed on the digital photo frame. However, these images can be converted to the JPEG format for the digital photo frame using specific computer applications.

You can switch between different slideshow photos by using different memory cards. When a memory card is connected to the digital photo frame, the slideshow will play photos stored on that specific card. By permanently inserting a memory card into the digital frame, it will perform the same functions as the internal memory.

Multiple-Photo Collage Effect
The Multiple-photo collage is a slideshow effect that displays your photos in collage form that will automatically and randomly compile different photos together to avoid unattractive borders that may result from photos which are smaller than screen size.

Memory Card
The digital photo frame has some built-in memory (10MB) that stores a few of your favorite pictures directly onto the frame. The purpose of this small internal memory is not to store hundreds of pictures but merely to store a few pictures in order to display them on your frame when you don’t have a memory card inserted into the frame. The internal memory on your digital photo frame is a fixed amount and cannot be expanded. However, you can increase the amount of pictures that can be displayed by using memory cards with larger memory capacity.

Types of Memory Cards Supported
USB Flash
Memory Stick
Memory Stick Pro
Multimedia Card
Secure Digital (SD and SDHC)
xD card

Easy USB Connectivity
The digital photo frame features a USB slave connection so you can quickly download pictures directly from your computer to the memory card inserted in your digital photo frame. The high-speed USB connection is conveniently located and easy-to-use and is used for reading, writing, loading or transferring picture files from your PC, Mac or camera.

Auto On/Off
A timer turns the digital photo frame on and off at the hours you select, reducing energy consumption for the sake of our environment and it saves up to one third of your digital photo frame energy costs.

Imagen Technology
Imagen is exclusive Philips photo enhancement technology that automatically analyzes your photos for correct color and adjust for optimal contrast. Imagen separates colors to avoid “crosstalk” and adjusts brightness distribution for great visual contrast and corrects Gamma for color accuracy.

Radiant Color
RadiantColor is an exclusive Philips technology for displaying smaller photos in the optimal 4:3 ratio by extending the color on the edges of a smaller photo to the sides of the screen. This eliminates unwanted black bars and aspect ratio distortion.

Smart Contrast
SmartContrast analyzes the contents you are displaying and automatically adjusts colors and controls backlight intensity to dynamically enhance contrast. This process results in the best digital images and optimum contrast for more entertainment fun when viewing photos and videos that have dark hues. When selecting the Economy mode the contrast is adjusted and backlighting is fine-tuned for the right combination for your display.

What’s in the Box
Digital photo frame, AC-DC adapter, quick start guide, stand, user manual

* Lifetime, to 50% brightness: 20,000 hours
* Brightness: 200 cd/m^2
* Aspect ratio: 4:3
* Panel resolution: 320 x 234
* Contrast ratio: 300:1
* USB: USB 2.0, USB flash
* Memory card types: Secure Digital, Secure Digital SDHC, xD card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Multimedia Card
* Card reader: Built-in
* Photo format supported: JPEG photo, up to 20 megapixels, up to 10MB JPEG files
* Buttons and controls: 4-way navigation key and enter, 3 buttons
* Photo edit: Copy, Delete, Rotate, Zoom, and Crop
* Photo effects: Black and White, Frames, Radiant Color, Sepia
* Screen background color: Ambient color, Auto-fit, Black, White, Gray
* Setup function: Brightness adjustment, Language, Status, Auto on/off, Beep on/off, Set time and date, Clock display enable/disable
* Plug and play compatibility: Windows 2000/xP or later, Mac OS x, Windows Vista
* On-screen display languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese
* Power consumption: 3 W
* Power mode supported: AC powered
* Width: 6.6-inches with stand
* Height: 5.3-inches with stand
* Depth: 4-inches with stand

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