Phase One P45 – User Review @ OutbackPhoto

Markus Zuber, a professional photographer living in Switzerland, has written a review on Phase One P45, a 39 Megapixel medium format digital camera with Rectangular format sensor 4:3, 35 frames / min, 50-400 ISO, and 3S technology (Secure Storage System).


“The RAW files are developed using CaptureOne Pro without any sharpening, tone correction or artifact removal. In Photoshop I use the Raw Presharpener by Nik Software for initial unsharp masking. The files, which come out from Capture One, are very smooth and highly saturated with colors. The information in these files is really great – mainly after presharpening – and to my eyes far superior to what I know from 4×5”. Of course a 8×10” drum scan brings some more information but this is quite close now.”

>> Phase One P45 Official Website

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