Pentax SMC DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited

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Pentax SMC DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited features 70mm at focal length with maximum aperture of F/2.4. The lens construction has 6 elements in 5 groups and has diagonal angle of view at 23 degrees. Closest focusing distance at 27.6 inches and has a filter size of 49mm. The Pentax SMC DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited lens weighs 4.6 Ounces and it measures 2.5 inches in diameter and 1 inches long.

Pentax SMC DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited
Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Pentax SMC DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited Reviews reviews the Pentax SMC DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited and writes;
“The Pentax Limited lenses are well built, perform impressively, and are very compact. While they aren’t as fast as some Canon or Nikon prime lenses, they are significantly smaller. Their f/2.4-3.1 speeds are also not slow by any means and will serve a photographer using available light very well indeed. “
rating: N/A

Lenstip reviews the Pentax SMC DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited and writes;
“The tested Pentax showed a slight pincushion distortion, which value was measured as 0.68%. In everyday photography it shouldn’t be bothersome in the slightest… The Pentax 2.4/70 owners won’t complain about the chromatic aberration. In the all apertures range it stays on the level of 0.06% which is considered a low value.”
rating: N/A

SLRLensreview reviews the Pentax SMC DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited and writes;
“Come to think of it, there are no major gaping issues with the lens – color fringing and somewhat low level of contrast at closeup distances can be fixed relatively easily, and so there is no point in dwelling about these issues too much. Image resolution, low vignetting, low distortion, excellent build quality and compact size are all major advantages.”
rating: N/A

Photozone reviews the Pentax SMC DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited and writes;
“The resolution characteristic is generally excellent regardless of the (tested) aperture setting and the resolution distribution is much more harmonic compared to the SMC FA 77mm f/1.8 Limited although it sacrifices a tiny bit of peak performance. “
Rating: ★★★★☆

User Opinions

Pentax SMC DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited User Reviews

Great lens for portraits and landscapes | Rating: ★★★★★
“This lens is good to use across the room, as you can concentrate on one or two people at a time. On digital the detail and color resolution is very natural, not over done as with some. The smooth transition to really good bokeh is another advantage.” – by J. Melartin

DA 70mm vs. FA 77mm | Rating: ★★★★★
“Since I wanted this lens for candid portraits, I needed the much faster autofocus capabilities… While most people find the FA 77mm’s bokeh to be better, the 70mm still produces very pleasing bokeh.” – by James Lin

Great overall portrait lens | Rating: ★★★★★
“This is the first lens I used that really shows of the K20D’s capabilities, even the old faithful 50mm does not render as well nor is as sharp over all ( edge to edge ). This lens is Very sharp wide open edge to edge right to F16, great contrast, I even compared it’s sharpness to the Sigma 70mm macro and at normal distances it beats the macro for sharpness and contrast and has much better bokeh. “ – by Brendan Bhagan

Excellent Lens – Great Price! | Rating: ★★★★★
“I agonized for months about the FA77 vs the DA70 but decided on the DA70 because of the price and the fact that in reviews, the DA70 is sharper at f2.4 than the FA77 is at similar apetures. This, in addition to the faster focusing, quick shift focus adjustment feature, lower chromatic aboration and much lower price… I find the sharpness of the lens to be astounding with excellent contrast, color rendition and bokeh.” – by Russell Hill

Small, light, beautifully made, extremely sharp | Rating: ★★★★★
“Small, light, beautifully made, extremely sharp. This is just about my favorite lens on my K20D. As others have said it’s the ideal length for portraits, and the widest aperture is for the most part large enough to easily throw the background out of focus. “ – by Adam Richardson

No Regrets Having this Pentax Limited | Rating: ★★★★☆
“It’s clearly my top portrait lens now and it does double duty if I want some candid, tight shots out in public (due to its quick auto focus). There are plenty of reviews about technical issues so I’ll leave that out here. Likely no lens is perfect in this price range. The build feels like a pro lens and it shoots the way I want it to shoot.” – by George Rubaloff

Superb portrait lens | Rating: ★★★★★
“The bokeh and the skin tones just look good is all I will say. I bought this lens specifically to take portrait shots of my family and it’s superb for this purpose. Pentax claims that it is a good landscape lens even though it is not wide angle. I am happy to say that this is actually true.” – by geridoc

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Features & Specifications

Pentax SMC DA 70mm f/2.4 Limited Specifications

The smc PENTAX FA 77mm F1.8 Limited is specifically designed for portrait photography and accurately reproduces the tones, colors and texture of the subject’s skin, clothes and accessories. Its fast F1.8 aperture assures full depth of field control in any lighting situation.


– The medium-telephoto perspective makes this lens ideal for many applications including portrait, landscape and still life photography.
– High-performance optics ensure outstanding image quality, edge-to-edge sharpness, and depth of field control.
– The high-grade aluminum construction of the lens barrel, hood and cap provides this lens with the utmost durability and elegant design.
– Developed for PENTAX film SLR cameras, however full-frame optics are also compatible with PENTAX digital SLR cameras.
– A fast F1.8 aperture offers outstanding depth of field control in any lighting condition.
– PENTAX’s exclusive FREE (Fixed Rear Element Extension) focusing system ensures sharp, crisp image reproduction over the entire focusing range


Lens Mount: PENTAX K AF
Lens Construction: 6 groups 7 elements
Angle of View: 31.5 degrees
Aperture: F1.8
Number of Diaphragm Blades: 9
Minimum Aperture: 22
Minimum Focusing Distance: 2.3 ft.
Filter Diameter: 49mm
Maximum Magnification: 0.14X
Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.9″
Weight: 9.5 oz.
Case: N/A
Objective Cap:
Lens Cap F 49mm Hood: N/A
Lens Aperture Ring: Yes T
ripod Adapter: No
Diaphragm Control: Fully automatic
Focal Length: 77mm (equiv. 115.5mm)

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