Pentax SMC DA 17-70mm f/4 AL IF SDM

Last updated (26 August’10):
– Review by Lenstip

The Pentax SMC DA 17-70mm f/4 AL IF SDM features 17-70mm at focal length with maximum aperture of f/4. The lens construction has 17 elements in 12 groups and has diagonal angle of view at 79 degrees. Closest focusing distance at 11.04 inches(0.28m) and has a filter size of 67mm. The Pentax SMC DA 17-70mm f/4 AL IF SDM lens weighs 17.1 oz. (485g) and it measures 3.0 inches in diameter and 3.7 inches long.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ | Latest Price Info

Expert Reviews

Pentax SMC DA 17-70mm f/4 AL IF SDM Reviews

Lenstip reviews the Pentax SMC DA 17-70mm f/4 AL IF SDM and writes;
“..Compared to these performances, the Pentax 17-70 mm fares very well. At minimum focal length and maximum relative aperture the frame corner illumination loss is 29% (-1.0 EV) and, what is rare, at wideangle it decreases quickly on stopping down. By f/5.6 the vignetting is diminished to a convenient level of 15% and by f/8.0 it practically disappears (9%).”
rating: N/A

Digitalcamerareview reviews the Pentax SMC DA 17-70mm f/4 AL IF SDM and writes;
“With excellent contrast, nice color handling, and improved CA control, the 17-70mm is capable of superior shots, especially in the context of landscape shooting. Several days of intense outdoor shooting with the 17-70mm, and the very pleasing shots that resulted, are a testament to just how good this optic can be. Compromised sharpness throughout at wider apertures will be a sticking point for some, which is a shame really: for certain kinds of shooting, the 17-70mm works quite well.”
rating: N/A

Photozone reviews the Pentax SMC DA 17-70mm f/4 AL IF SDM and writes;
“The resolution characteristic is very good without any significant weakness. The vignetting and distortion are about average for a lens in this class. The lateral CAs are relatively well-controlled although you may spot some traces in field conditions when using wide-angle settings. The quality of the bokeh (out-of-focus blur) seems to be very fine albeit limited compared to fast prime lenses naturally.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

User Opinions

Pentax SMC DA 17-70mm f/4 AL IF SDM User Reviews

Almost great | Rating: ★★★★☆
“I have owned this lens almost from the day it was introduced in the U.S. It has a lot going for it–excellent construction, quiet focusing and a very useful zoom range. Between 17-50mm focal length, it is about as good as you could ever hope a zoom lens could be…” – by Alan

Pentax 17-70 vs Sigma 17-70, | Rating: ★★★★★
“This is the best walk around lens on the market . This lens has outstanding range and color. I also like the Sigma 17-70 but the pentax has better glass.” – by Reastgo Holmes

Pentax Quality for Pentax DSLR, | Rating: ★★★★☆
“A good solid prosumer lens. The SDM focus motor is so silent, you wonder if it’s working until you hear the little confirmation beep and see your subject in shar focus in the VF. A good all around lens. Somewhat heavy, but that’s expected for the size of the glass and the sturdy construction. A good lens and sharp at all ranges in the center. A little soft at the edges at the longest 70mm end of the range. Good value for a solid piece of Pentax glass with SDM..” – by R. Jones

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Pentax SMC DA 17-70mm f/4 AL IF SDM User Manual

– Download Pentax SMC DA 17-70mm f/4 AL IF SDM User Manual (PDF – 2.0Mb)

Features & Specifications

Pentax SMC DA 17-70mm f/4 AL IF SDM Specifications

Pentax DA 17-70mm f/4 AL (IF) SDM Wide Angle Zoom Lens Features

Acquire wide angle, extra zoom and the highest level of optical quality with the smc Pentax DA 17-70mm f/4 ED AL [IF] SDM wide angle zoom lens. The exclusive lens SDM autofocus motor ideally complements current Pentax DSLRs with fast, accurate, quiet focus. Bringing together advanced optical technologies, including aspherical elements, special optical-glass elements, original Pentax SP (Super Protect) lens coatings, along with a Quick-shift Focus System, this new interchangeable lens is superior in terms of contrast, clarity and edge-to-edge sharpness.

* Extra zoom for a wide range of shooting applications from wide angle to telephoto.
* Exclusive lens SDM autofocus motor ideally complements modern Pentax DSLR bodies with SDM capabilities.*
* Pentax SP (Super Protect) coating protects the exposed lens elements.
* Quick-shift Focus System allows instant switching from auto to manual focus.
* Developed specifically for Pentax digital SLRs.
* Focal length equivalent to 26-107mm in 35mm format.

*SDM-only focusing lens can still be used with non-SDM Pentax DSLR bodies in manual focus mode.

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