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The new Pentax Q is the smallest interchangeable lens system camera in the world. It offers a 12.4 megapixel CMOS image sensor and the brand new super-compact Q-mount lens system to capture superb sharp images and HD video, even in low light conditions with low noise. The camera also has complete aperture and shutter control including a standard prime, zoom, fish-eye and also a wide angle and telephoto lenses. Video recording ability is at full 1080p resolution with the versatile h.264 compression. Comes with a Powerful USER modes, the Pentax Q allows photographers to save a series of favorite camera settings, filters, and custom image modes for instant reuse. The new Pentax Q is small enough to fit in your palm and capture amazing images and HD video.

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆

Expert Reviews

Pentax Q Reviews

Photographyblog reviews the Pentax Q and writes;
“The night photograph was excellent, with the maximum shutter speed of 30 seconds and Bulb mode allowing you to capture enough light in all situations, although the maximum ISO speed is limited to 1600 in Bulb mode. The cleverly designed built-in pop-up flash worked well indoors, with no red-eye and good overall exposure.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

Steves-digicams reviews the Pentax Q and writes;
“We found that the lens performed best when the aperture was more open, as when we stopped it down the images actually seemed to get softer.When wide open up to f/5.6 or so, the lens helped the Q produce nice sharp photos. We felt that aberrations and other distortions seemed to be well controlled when inspecting our samples.”
rating: N/A

CNET reviews the Pentax Q and writes;
“Video performance: We tested it over two days for a mix of bright and overcast conditions, and in each case it performed well, with colours that were true to their originals, sharp contrasts and excellent compensation for changing light levels, allowing us to pan across the scene before us while the Q maintained well-balanced illumination and tone.”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Pentax Q Reviews

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Pentax Q Sample Photos

Pentax Q Sample Photos @

Pentax Q Sample Photos @

Pentax Q Sample Photos @

Pentax Q Sample Photos @


Pentax Q User Manual (PDF)

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– Download Pentax Q User Manual


Pentax Q Features

Body and Design

With measuring only at 57.5 (H) x 98mm (W) x 31mm (D) and weighing only 180g body only, The Pentax Q offers the users an extremely compact body, durable design, including lightweight and scratch resistant magnesium alloy body. The magnesium-alloy body has sturdy memory card and battery compartment doors, a metal lens mount and a metal tripod mount that’s thoughtfully in-line with the centre of the lens. For operate the shutter button, the Pentax Q has a a barrel-like handgrip on the right-hand side, coated in a rubberized compound to aid grip which allow users to use their three fingers to hold the shutter button.


12.4 Megapixels Images Sensor

The Pentax Q has a 12.4 megapixels courtesy of the Q’s 1/2.3 inch backlit CMOS image sensor that allow you to capture sharp images with an exceptional image quality. It also capable of producing 12 bit DNG RAW and JPG images with a backlit CMOS sensor designed specifically to produce very low noise at high levels of sensitivity. In addition, the camera is designed with a PENTAX Q-mount lens system for convenient interchangeability with a variety of specialty Q lenses. So you can choose one of a prime, zoom, fisheye lenses, and more to suit just about any photography need. The PENTAX Q-mount lens system comes with a standard kit that includes the 8.5mm lens (equivalent to 47mm).


3 Inch LCD Monitor

Featuring a large 3 inch LCD monitor, the camera allows the users to capture or review images and video easier. The high quality LCD monitor is bright, clear and has a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees horizontally and vertically, and the high pixel count of 460,000 dots. The rear screen also doubles up as a comprehensive status display, which can be called up by pressing the Info button in record mode. The Pentax Q camera also allows the users to change all the settings right on the screen using a combination of the navigation pad and the rear e-dial.

1080p HD Video Recording

The Pentax Q shoot high quality motion video with stunning full 1080p HD clarity at 1920 x 1280 pixel resolution at 30 frame per second in the Quicktime MOV format. The Video can also be recorded at 1280×720 pixels and 640 x 480 pixels at 30fps. Utilizing a high quality h.264 compression, the Pentax Q is efficiently process the full HD video with superior color and detail. For realize your perfect artistic vision, the camera also offers a creative video effects through the use of custom image modes, digital video filters, and interval shooting; or you can select from a variety of Q lenses. With a 5 frames per second continuous shooting mode, this camera is perfect for sporting events, children at play, or any fast action situation.

Bokeh Control Filter

The camera allows the users to easy bokeh control with the Q’s bokeh control filter. The bokeh traditionally controlled with a DSLR lens’s aperture, bokeh is the out of focus part of the background that helps to emphasize the subject, drawing the viewer’s eyes to the most important part of the photo. The Pentax Q helps the experienced and casual photographer alike by offering a fine degree of extra control over image bokeh via an in-camera filter operation.


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