Pentax Optio S6 – Review @ has posted their review on Pentax Optio S6, a 6.0 Megapixel digital camera with 3x optical zoom lens. Here’s what they say about the image quality:


” The first and most important issue is that a number of the images I have taken look pixilated. Pixilated is where you can start to see individual pixels in the picture. This gives photos a rough look with a lack of smoothness to the shot. In my test shots this was especially noticeable in the skies. In fact this is likely to show up in any areas where there is a large section of similar colour.

My second gripe is the sharpness of the images. If you are planning to produce relatively small prints of around 4×6″ or perhaps 5×7″ this issue is unlikely to be too much of an issue. Go any larger and you will start to see a fall off in the sharpness of your photos, especially away from the centre and towards the corners. “

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