Pentax Optio M40

Last update: Review by PCWorld (20 November’07)

The Pentax Optio M40 is a 8 Megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera features 3x optical zoom (36-108mm in 35mm photography), ISO range: 50-1600, and a 2.5 inch (150K pixel) LCD screen. The camera measures 3.8 x 2.3 x 0.7” and it weighs 4.1 oz.

Overall Rating: ★★★½☆ | Latest Deal Info

Pentax Optio M40 Reviews

PCWorld reviews the Pentax Optio M40 and writes;
“Our lab tests saw mostly ac–ceptable results for a camera in this price range. However, flash photos looked awful, giving flat skin tones, dull colors, and dark shadows to our test mannequin. I saw the same characteristics in the flash portraits I took of friends…For $200, though, it’s a good buy.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

RegHardware reviews the Pentax Optio M40 and writes;
“We think Pentax has come up with a cracking design for the Optio M40. It’s super-slim, great to hold and very simple to use. But good looks and a slender body are not enough. The M40’s optical performance means that while this camera isn’t bad, alas it’s not great either.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

Pocket-Lint reviews the Pentax Optio M40 and writes;
“In terms of performance, there still a distinct lag between pressing the shutter button and getting a focus confirmation. However, the shutter lag is minimal once focus is achieved. Low light focusing is a problem as there’s no focus assist beam and I found the camera would just not be able to key on anything. Very frustrating indeed. ”
Rating: ★★★½☆

TrustedReviews reviews the Pentax Optio M40 and writes;
“Dynamic range and colour reproduction are about average for this class of camera. Unfortunately the lens is still the same, and produces significant barrel distortion at wide angle, pincushion distortion at telephoto and poor corner sharpness. Noise control is as good as ever though, with acceptable image quality at 400 ISO and usable results at 800. Even at the highest setting of 3200 ISO I have seen worse performance from more expensive cameras.”
Rating: ★★★½☆

DigitalCameraInfo reviews the Pentax Optio M40 and writes;
“The M40’s video is significantly overexposed in bright sunlight, and the highlights smear the frame. The exposure also changes drastically, creating a flashing effect, and the motion stutters. The good news is the camera effectively captures detail, and doesn’t show significant image artifacting. Overall, like most digital cameras’ Movie modes, the M40’s video quality leaves a lot to be desired.”
Rating: N/A

Steve’sDigicams reviews the Pentax Optio M40 and writes;
“With this camera, noise levels were average throughout the sensitivity range, becoming more noticeable from ISO 800 and above. At 3200, you can see noise quite easily when viewing an image at 25% (typical full screen on your monitor), and it’s likely you will see some traces in smaller (4×6-inch) prints.”
Rating: N/A

Pentax Optio M40 Samples

Pentax Optio M40 Sample Photos @ TrustedReviews
Pentax Optio M40 Sample Photos @ DigitalCameraInfo
Pentax Optio M40 Sample Photos @ Steve’sDigicams

Pentax Optio M40 User Manual (PDF)

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– Download Pentax Optio M40 User Manual (PDF – 3.7 MB)

Pentax Optio M40 Press Release

PENTAX Corporation is pleased to announce the PENTAX Optio M40, a standard-class compact digital camera that is easy to carry with ultra-slim and lightweight body. The Optio M40 is well-balanced with basic functions, and high resolution of 8.0 megapixels.

While the Optio M40 comes with an ultra-slim, metallic body of sophisticated sense, being equipped with enhanced basic functions such as 3X optical zoom, a large and easily viewable LCD monitor, and excellent operability, it also realizes much higher resolution. In addition, the Optio M40 also includes a face recognition function and an anti-shake function, for which there are high market needs, and has been created as a user-friendly model that can be broadly used by many people at various scenes.

Main Features:

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