Pentax Optio E30

Last update: Review by CNET.UK (added on 25 July’07)

Pentax Optio E30 is an entry level compact point-and-shoot digital camera (released on 03.01.07) featuring 7.1 effective megapixel, 3X optical zoom (36 – 108 mm) – 4X digital zoom, and a 2.4-inch LCD monitor. The camera is measuring in at 95 x 62 x 35 mm (3.7 x 2.4 x 1.4 in), weighing 138 g (4.9 oz) and it’s running on 2 x AA batteries.

Pentax Optio E30
Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆ | Latest Price Info

Pentax Optio E30 Reviews

CNET.UK reviews the Pentax Optio E30 and writes;
“Picture quality is good in well-lit conditions, with the green mode capably handling most situations. The E30 made the most of its 7 megapixels and only started to struggle in lower light. This is primarily a daytime camera, but the younger photographers this is aimed shouldn’t mind that too much…The budget Pentax Optio E30 is a dumpy point-and-shoot compact camera with a paucity of features and average picture quality, but its cheerful interface and child-friendly attibutes make it fun to use”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

ePhotozine reviews the Pentax Optio E30 and writes;
“The burst test output five images in the 10 second burst with downloading taking longer. The camera managed three images before having to download and then managed to squeeze two more in…if you’re going on holiday and need a cheap camera to take with you, you don’t want to delve into the menus and start changing things, then this is a suitable compact to fulfil your needs.”
Rating: ★★★☆☆

LaptopMag reviews the Pentax Optio E30 and writes;
“Noise wasn’t overly apparent on our test shots, even when we raised the ISO to its max setting of 400. The Optio E30 also shoots 28-fps VGA video with sound, but as with the other models tested, don’t expect to capture footage worth watching on the big screen. ”
Rating: ★★★★☆

DigitalCameraReview reviews the Pentax Optio E30 and writes;
“The E30 is a great choice for first time camera buyers, or simply someone wanting an easy to use camera that offers decent quality. It offers sharp, high resolution photos that are true in color, and is intuitive in its design and operation. The “green mode” allows users to point and shoot without worry, and yet intermediate users can manually choose some settings. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you may go with a camera that uses lithium-ion batteries, as the E30 is a bit wide and heavy with its AA batteries.”
Rating: N/A

RegHardware reviews the Pentax Optio E30 and writes;
“Performance wise, photos taken with the Optio E30 appeared with very little noise. That’s thanks to the minimum ISO 80 and maximum ISO 320 settings that are used in automatic mode, depending on how much light you have. Noise only increases to distort the images as the ISO level is increased, but only users accessing the more advanced Program function can go as high as ISO 400…A few nagging problems aside, the Optio E30 is a very good camera for the price tag. Images are as crisp and clear as a budget photographer could want, the viewing screen is large and it’s extremely easy to use right out of the box”
Rating: ★★★½☆

TrustedReviews reviews the Pentax Optio E30 and writes;
“The E30’s one saving grace is its picture quality, but even that has its limits. The lens performs well, providing good corner-to-corner sharpness with minimal distortion, and colour rendition and exposure are very good…The Pentax Optio E30 has little to recommend it besides its price. Build quality and handling are of an acceptable standard, but performance and features do not match up to similarly priced models from other brands. Optical quality is good, but let down by limited dynamic range and poor noise control at all but the lowest sensitivity.”
Rating: ★★½☆☆

Pocket-Lint reviews the Pentax Optio E30 and writes;
“Performance-wise, the E30 does okay. Start up is slow at around two seconds but thanks to the AA batteries, you’ll get around 200 and 550 shots depending on whether standard alkaline or high capacity NiMH AA rechargeable cells, respectively, are used…Bearing in mind the price and target market for this camera and with such a high-resolution sensor, this camera is not bad at all. It may be built to a price, but it is still quite well specified and so is well perfectly for those snappers needing an inexpensive but capable camera that can be used without a lot of mucking about.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

DigitalCameraInfo has a preview of the Pentax Optio E30 and writes;
“The Pentax Optio E30 is a very inexpensive, very simple camera. The appropriate market for it is the price-conscious non-photographer – someone who wants the occasional snapshot, but wants to avoid the details of photography, and doesn’t have ambitions to learn technical aspects. We don’t have anything conclusive to say about image quality, and image quality is pivotal in our full reviews. Still, the E30’s images looked nice and sharp on the LCD. If the E30 performs well, the camera will offer casual snapshooters a solid option for a budget price.”
Rating: N/A

Pentax Optio E30 Samples

Pentax Optio E30 Sample Photos @ LaptopMag
Pentax Optio E30 Sample Photos @ LaptopMag
Pentax Optio E30 Sample Photos @ DigitalCameraReview
Pentax Optio E30 Sample Photos @ TrustedReviews

Pentax Optio E30 User Manuals (PDF)

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– Dowload PC Application Manual (PDF – 1.36 MB)

Pentax Optio E30 Press Release

PENTAX Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the PENTAX Optio E30 compact digital camera. Although an entry-level model designed with the convenience of beginners in mind, the Optio E30 is packed with 7.1 effective megapixels for exceptional high-resolution photography.

Major Features

7.1 effective megapixels for standout quality photos
The upgraded 7.1 effective megapixels, the one of the most in the entry-level class, enables you to take pictures with outstanding resolution.

Compatibility with widely available AA batteries
Since the Optio E30 accepts widely available AA batteries, you can shoot with confidence when away from home or whenever you want. Furthermore, the camera has been designed specifically to use less power so that you can take approximately 200 photos when running on alkaline batteries.

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4 Responses to “Pentax Optio E30”

  1. Joe Taylor says:

    I have a new Pentax E30. It started out as a good camera, but now on startup the lens goes halfway out, the screen says lens error and the machine shuts down after a couple of secrets. I am losing the thrill of photography. I don’t know how to contact Pentax for assistance. Presently, I am in ST. Lucia, so really cannot go back to where I bought the camera for some time. This seems to be a loser camera.

  2. stephanie says:

    I have had this camera for over a year and now this had happened to! me. were you able to fix it? if so how?

  3. Justine says:

    I have the same problem and it was an inexpensive camera and I dont want to pay more to fix it then I paid for it. Anyone figure out how to fix it??

  4. por vanesa says:

    tengo una e30 y no puedo filmar ni hacer nada mas que sacar fotos no se porque, encima la duracion de las pilas es menos de un dia el cd de sotwere se me rompio y no se que hacer? como soluciono mi propble??? me compro otra camara????

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