Pentax K110D

Last Updated: Review by CNET Asia (added on 30.01.07)

Pentax K110D is an entry class of Digital SLR camera (released on 23.05.06) featuring 6.1 Megapixel, 2.5”, ISO sensivitiy up to 3200, 11-point wide-frame AF, and continuous shooting mode at a maximum speed of approximately 2.8 images per second. Pentax K110D will be available in July 2006.


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CNET Asia have reviewed the Pentax K110D where they rate the camera 7/10 and write;
“Overall, the Pentax K110D is a great camera and there is very little to fault. It is obvious that much thought has been put into designing the camera to appeal to both basic and advanced shooters. The Pentax K110D compares well with other entry-level dSLRs from the more popular brands such as the Nikon D40 or Canon’s 400D. It makes for a great starter camera for those on a shoestring budget as it would not be hard to find second-hand lenses to fit on the camera’s K-mount. If you have a bit more cash to spare, though, we would recommend the K100D anti-shake…The good: Well-designed product; good performer; slimming mode could be a hit with the women; great value for money. The bad: Autofocus noisy; tends to hunt in low light; thumbwheel gets in the way of left-eye shooting. The bottom line: Great camera, but spend a little more to get its bigger brother, the K100D, which comes with the anti-shake feature.”

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A Multi-Feature, Simple-to-Operate Entry-Class Digital SLR Camera with Lens Interchangeability for High-Quality, User-Friendly Digital SLR Photography

PENTAX Corporation is pleased to introduce the PENTAX K110D, an entry-class lens-interchangeable digital SLR camera that combines a host of advanced technologies with a simple, user-friendly operation system and a compact, lightweight body. It brings high-quality digital SLR photography to everyone — especially to first-time digital SLR users.

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