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Last update (18 March’13):
– Review & Sample Photos @
– Firmware Update Software Version 1.10

Pentax K-7 is a 14.6 megapixel DSLR camera features compact, magnesium alloy body, Weather, dust and cold resistant, New PRIME II Image processing engine, New 77-segment metering system, Live View mode, 100% field-of-view viewfinder, HD Movie Capture, Shake Reduction system, HDR image capture mode, Embedded copyright feature, and a 3 inch LCD with 921,000 dot resolution. The camera measures (W x H x D): 5.1 x 3.8 x 2.9” and weighs 22.9 oz, Loaded and ready.

Overall Rating: ★★★★½

Expert Reviews

Pentax K-7 Reviews reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“The K-7 is a definite buy for a Pentax shooter looking to replace an aging flagship. It has a huge hardware upgrade, and while IQ difference between the K-7 and K20D aren’t tremendous, it is improved in many areas including long exposure and image capture control. Beyond that the K-7 offers HD video with an auxiliary mic input, it’s more compact, and faster than its predecessors.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PhotoRadar reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“There is much to like and enjoy on the Pentax K-7. It’s a quality product with great handling, plenty of features and it delivers image files that are capable of big prints. Its price could put off the uncommitted but existing Pentax owners should form a queue.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

T3 reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“Those who haven’t previously handled a DSLR will require a period of familiarization with the Pentax K-7 and may be put off by the myriad of buttons. But this camera provides the ability to point and shoot to begin with – via the simplifying Green mode – then to gradually make manual selections as your confidence grows.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

SteveHuff reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“Overall I feel that this is the BEST DSLR you can get for under $1000. PERIOD. It’s build, features, quality, video, and size/weight all add up to make this a bargain in the DSLR world. If you are looking to get into a DSLR system and are not yet committed to a particular brand AND do not want to spend a fortune then I highly doubt you would be disappointed in the Pentax K7.”
Rating: N/A

AlphaMountWorld compares the Pentax K-7 to Sony A700 and writes;
“So all in all the K7 outperforms the A700 in AF speed, accuracy, and lock rate/acquisition speed. The A700 put up a valiant fight for being 1 1/2 years older to the K7, but given these improvements I’ll take the K7 with me out in the field any day before the A700.”
Rating: N/A

ePhotozine compares the Pentax K-7 to Canon 50D and writes;
“The Pentax is smaller, lighter, has the same quality build and I think it handles noise better than the Canon…. I prefer the Pentax over the Canon and it’s performed the best in this comparison test. I think the £120 extra is worth it for the obvious benefits that the camera will offer.”
Rating: N/A

Steve’sDigicams reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“Pentax’s K-7 dSLR is a worhty competitor in the enthusiast/professional APS-C equipped dSLR market. With speedy performance, loads of custom functions, good image quality, and usable high ISO settings, the K-7 is sure to please most any shutterbug.”
Rating: N/A

RegHardware reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“As an entry level camera we were impressed with the K-m, and remain so with the far more sophisticated K-7. It’s designed to survive challenging environments, yet remains a joy to handle and can even double up as an HD camcorder. Also, noise concerns with JPEGs at higher ISO settings can be alleviated by shooting RAW image instead. Indeed, the Pentax K-7 delivers an impressive performance, bristles with useful features and offers enough customisation to satisfy the most demanding control freak. “
Rating: ★★★★☆

DCR reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“The Pentax K-7 is indeed the most revolutionary camera Pentax has produced to date. The speed, features, and build quality help this camera stand above previous Pentax offerings, and if you’re in the market for a Nikon D90 or can’t afford a D300S then this camera might make an even better Christmas present. “
Rating: N/A

Photocracti reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“K-7 offers excellent value. In terms of feature set and build quality it’s competitive with more expensive cameras of other brands. In my estimation, this is a very desirable DSLR that’s perfect in many aspects for the advanced photo enthusiast.”
Rating: N/A

LetsGoDigital reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“The color reproduction is remarkably fine, also at high sensitivities. Whereas usually colors tend to drop, this is not the case for the Pentax K-7, where they remain at a good level. Nor do I have any comments about the exposure. Pentax even deserves a compliment for all the exposure programs the K7 features. “
Rating: ★★★★☆

LuminousLandscape reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“In the end, the Pentax is a fine camera and anyone who finds it of interest will likely not be disappointed with its purchase. Don’t regard this as damning with faint praise. It’s a camera that will likely to be found equal to the needs of most photographers looking in this price and performance category”
Rating: N/A reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“The Pentax K-7 is a great camera that’s packed with the kind of options you wish other makers would pick up on. But the kit lens’s rough and noisy autofocus lets it down, and professional photographers will need some convincing that the Pentax lens range is a match for Canon’s or Nikon’s “
Rating: ★★★★½

TrustedReviews reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“Pentax K-7 is a superb camera, and really puts the cat among the pigeons at the top of the APS-C DSLR market. It has rugged weatherproof build quality, superb handling and offers every creative feature you could possibly want and more besides. Performance and image quality are a match for anything else in its class. It’s a tempting package for any keen amateur or semi-pro. “
Rating: ★★★★½

CrunchGear hands-on review on the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“the K-7 is much, much faster at locking on than the K200D and the 50mm f/1.4 that I primarily use with the K200D feels alive. However, I did notice that the K-7 struggled to lock onto multiple subjects even in continuous AF mode and would focus in on something stationary that didn’t seem to be focused on from my point of view.”
Rating: N/A

ImagingResource reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“Small, solid, and sealed, the Pentax K7 makes a superb candidate for the outdoor photographer, occupying the space of a small Rebel, but with the ruggedness to handle both wet and cold weather like a pro. When you make the Pentax K7 your daily shooter, the interface becomes second nature, and you can focus on your photography.”
Rating: N/A

Pocket-Lint reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“The camera’s new kit lens is suitably sharp and benefits from the weather sealing; I used the 18-55mm kit zoom for this test and performance is very good, but in the final analysis, what we have here is a camera that is well made, provides a stunning array of features, has superb build and styling and is perfectly suited to the market into which it is pitched.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

NeoCamera reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“Image quality is very good with generally low noise and high details. Color accuracy and white-balance are impressive and extremely flexible, as are image parameters for detailed control over the way images are captured. The K-7 is also a fast and responsive camera..”
Rating: ★★★★½ reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“Camera response times were occasionally slower than competing DSLRs. Although the review camera powered-up smartly in a little less than one second, the average capture lag of 0.5 seconds is significantly slower than most recent DSLRs we’ve tested. With pre-focusing, this lag reduced to less than 0.1 seconds, which is par for the course.”
Rating: ★★★★½

InfoSync reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“Pros: Great overall RAW image quality. Packed to the brim with features. Excellent lens compatibility. Cushy handling and advanced interface made shooting a delight.
Cons: Inconsistent HD video quality. Menu graphics could use a little sprucing up. Certain features like HDR mode require more effort than expected. “

Rating: ★★★★½

Pentax K-7 Video Preview by WDC;

TechRadar reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“Image quality is great. Comparing the JPEG with the converted RAW of the same image the JPEG is noticeably noisier. The difference between JPEG and RAW files is more marked as you ascend the ISO scale, until you hit ISO 6400, where the JPEG looks smoother than the RAW.”
Rating: ★★★★½

PhotographyBlog reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“The K-7’s image quality is very good. Exposures were generally 1/3rd EV stop under-exposed, perfect for retaining detail in the highlight areas without sacrificing the shadow areas too much, and colours were accurate using the default Bright setting. The HDR mode makes it easy to create images with greatly expanded dynamic range”
Rating: ★★★★½

ePhotozine reviews the Pentax K-7 and writes;
“I’m liking the noise results from the Pentax K-7, not only because they’re among the best I’ve seen from a Pentax model but also because the control that the new processor is commanding over the noise is excellent…..I’m so impressed with the K-7 that I think this is one of the most exciting cameras released this year.”
Rating: ★★★★☆


Pentax K-7 Sample Photos

Pentax K-7 Sample Photos @ PhotoRadar
Pentax K-7 Sample Photos @ Steve’sDigicams
Pentax K-7 Sample Photos @ LetsGoDigital
Pentax K-7 Sample Photos @ TrustedReviews
Pentax K-7 Sample Photos @ ImagingResource
Pentax K-7 Sample Photos @ NeoCamera
– Pentax K-7 Sample Photos: 123 @ InfoSync
Pentax K-7 Sample Photos @ PhotographyBlog
– Pentax K-7 Sample Photos: 12 @ ePhotozine

Pentax K-7 Sample Videos

Pentax K 7 official Sample video HD;

Pentax K7 720p Video Test

Pentax K7 Video Test in Anping,Taiwan


Pentax K-7 User Manual (PDF)

Click to view or right click and select Save Target As..(Firefox) or Save link as.. (IE) to download

– Download Pentax K-7 User Manual in English (PDF – 6.8MB)
– Download Pentax K-7 User Manual in Spanish (PDF – 6.8MB)

Pentax K-7 Firmware

Pentax K-7 Firmware V1.10 | Download
– Added Electronic Level indication on the Monitor
– When Mode dial is set M or X and Electronic Level is set to display, exposure meter is indicated both of them in the LCD panel and in the Viewfinder
– Added [Reversal Film] mode on Custom Image function [PENTAX Digital Camera Utility 4] have been updated. For update software, Click Here
– When using Live View, auto focus activate by pressing shutter release button halfway. Also improved focus speed

Pentax K-7 Firmware V1.01 | Download
– Added [Operate at AF point “SEL”] on [Custom] menu and it can be selected either [1 Calling Function Preference] or [2 Select AF point Preference].
– When selected [2 Select AF point Preference] and AF point switching dial is set at [SEL], selection of AF point can be operated priority by the four-way controller.
– Improved stability for general performance


Pentax K-7 Specifications

Type – CMOS with primary color filter and integrated Shake/Dust Reduction sensor movement system; Size – 23.4 x 15.6mm; Color depth – 8 bits/channel JPG, 12 bits/channel RAW; Effective pixels – 14.6 MP; Total pixels: 15.07 MP; Recorded resolutions – Still: 14M 4672×3104, 10M 3936×2624, 6M 3072×2048, 2M 1728×1152; Movie (resolution/FPS): 1280x720p30, 1536x1024p30, 640x416p30; Quality levels: **** Premium, *** Best, ** Better, * Good; Dust Removal – Supersonic vibration to low pass filter

Lens Mount:
Type/construction – PENTAX KAF2 bayonet stainless steel mount; Usable lenses – PENTAX KAF3, KAF2, KAF, and KA (K mount, 35mm screwmount, 645/67 med format lenses useable w/ adapter and/or restrictions); SDM function – Yes; Power zoom function: Yes

Metering System:
Type-TTL open-aperture 77 segment metering; Sensitivity range: EV 0 to 21 (ISO 100, 50mm F1.4); Multi-segment: Yes, 77 segments; Center weighted: Yes; Spot: Yes; Exposure compensation: +/- 5 EV (1/3 and 1/2 steps); Exposure lock: Yes; Exposure bracketing: Yes, 3 or 5 frames, up to +/- 2 EV (1/2 or 1/3 steps)

Focus System:
Type – TTL phase-difference 11 point (9 cross) wide autofocus system (SAFOX VIII+); Focus modes – AF Single (w/ focus lock), AF Continuous, Manual; Focus point adjustment – Auto, user-selectable, center; AF assist – Yes, via dedicated AF assist lamp with SAFOX VIII+ system

LCD Monitor:
Type – 3.0” TFT IPS (In Plane Switching) color LCD with brightness/color adjustment and AR coating; Resolution – 921,000 dots; Wide angle viewable – Yes

ISO Sensitivity:
Auto – ISO 100-3200 (1, 1/2, 1/3 steps), Bulb mode up to ISO 1600, expanded range available to ISO 6400, auto ISO range selectable Manual: ISO 100-3200 (1, 1/2, 1/3 steps), Bulb mode up to ISO 1600, expanded range available to ISO 6400

Storage Media:
Internal memory: n/a; Removable memory: SD, SDHC

Power Supply:
Power source: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery D-LI90, D-BG4 Battery Grip (optional) for second D-LI90 battery or 6X AA batteries; Recordable images: Approx 980 (approx 740 w/ 50% flash, CIPA); Playback time: Approx 440 min; AC adapter available: Yes (optional)

Physical Specifications:
Body dimensions (W x H x D): 5.1 x 3.8 x 2.9” Body weight, without battery or removable memory – 22.9 oz, Loaded and ready – 26.5 oz; Construction material(s): Magnesium alloy shell over stainless steel chassis; Operating temperature: 14-104°F (-10 to 40°C)

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  1. zal says:

    what bothers me in K-7 is the video feature.
    For those who are strictly in photography, amateurs, advanced, pros…this feature is totally useless and only occupies a valuable space on a camera and only a candy for weekend photographers
    I have K10D and planning to move to 15mp, and I don’t need the video. Can anybody recommend a 15mp Pentax or Canon/Nikon/Olympus is close to the quality of K-7, but without the video?

  2. David says:

    I would definitely go for the pentax k20d. It has the same resolution, has no video capability and almost for the same price as the k7 body, you can get k20d + da 16-45mm f/4 + da 50-200mm f/4-5.6 which should cover most situations. I’ve read the 16-45 has a very good macro.

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