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Pentax K-30 is a 16-Megapixel CMOS Digital SLR camera with a weather-resistant, dustproof and cold-proof body for sub-freezing use (-10C, 14F). It features an optical finder with nearly 100% field of view, Advanced SAFOX IXi+ Autofocus engine, high-speed shooting of 6fps, a 1/6000 second high shutter speed, Full 1080p30 HD video recording, and a 3-inch LCD with high resolution of 921,000 dots for easy review your images and videos. The camera measures (W x H x D) 5.1 x 3.8 x 2.8 .inch and weight 20.8 oz without battery or removable memory.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Expert Reviews

Pentax K-30 Reviews

T3 reviews the Pentax K-30 and writes;
“We’re pretty impressed with the Pentax K-30. It allows you take high quality 16MP images in the type of conditions that would result in other cameras needing a trip to the service centre. The control layout is sensible and all the important features can be assessed quickly.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Photographyblog reviews the Pentax K-30 and writes;
“Exposures were generally 1/3rd EV stop under-exposed, perfect for retaining detail in the highlight areas without sacrificing the shadow areas too much, and colours were accurate using the default Bright setting.. If you’re looking for an intuitive, fast DSLR that delivers great pictures, then the Pentax K-30 certainly fits the bill.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Theverge reviews the Pentax K-30 and writes;
“The K-30 is basically the Pentax K-01 in a larger, more rugged body. (I also think it’s much better looking, but that’s up to you.) It has the same positives — fast performance, solid manual control, excellent image quality”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Trustedreviews reviews the Pentax K-30 and writes;
“Shooting JPEGs we were able to record 47 consecutive images at the top burst setting of 6fps before the memory buffer filled and the camera began to slow down. In Raw this dropped to eight frames before the camera began to jar, and in Raw JPEG we managed seven frames. All in all, this represents pretty respectable performance for a DSLR of this price.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Photoreview reviews the Pentax K-30 and writes;
“The K-30 merits its Editor’s Choice rating for both its imaging performance and for the generous level of features it provides at an affordable price tag. It’s an excellent camera for photo enthusiasts. The weather-sealed body is a genuine bonus; add in the 100% FOV pentaprism viewfinder, interchangeable focusing screens and high-resolution monitor and you have some valuable professional features at an RRP of only $899.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Amateurphotographer reviews the Pentax K-30 and writes;
“JPEG compression applies sharpening that is on the aggressive side, but otherwise I am very happy with the images the K-30 produces, particularly in low light situations. Also, the colour rendition is accurate, so images can be used straight out of the camera.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

PCMAG reviews the Pentax K-30 and writes;
“The K-30 represents an excellent value for anyone shopping for a D-SLR. For under $1,000 you get a best-in-class viewfinder, fast continuous shooting, a better-than-average kit lens, in-body image stabilization, and excellent image quality.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Imaging-resource reviews the Pentax K-30 and writes;
“Bottom line, the Pentax K-30’s performance is generally pretty good. Startup is a bit sluggish and so is switching from Record to Play, but autofocus is swift, burst speed good, and buffer clearing fast. Buffer depths with RAW files are however on the shallow side.”
rating: N/A

Techradar reviews the Pentax K-30 and writes;
“The durable body is comfortable to hold and is capable of surviving exposure to heavy rain. Of course this would be pointless if the image quality wasn’t up to standard, but the K-30 produces superb images with lots of detail and good colours.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Ephotozine reviews the Pentax K-30 and writes;
“The Pentax K-30 offers a vast array of features including 6fps continuous shooting, built-in HDR creation, electronic level, and a weather sealed and compact Digital SLR body, all for a very reasonable price, making it the cheapest weather sealed Digital SLR available.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Digitalcamerainfo reviews the Pentax K-30 and writes;
“We’d recommend the K-30 to anyone looking for a sub-$1000 model to take to an environment where dust or moisture are a constant concern. Even if that’s not an issue, the K-30 still handles great and offers performance similar to its peers from Canon and Nikon at this price point.”
Rating: ★★★★☆

Pocket-lint reviews the Pentax K-30 and writes;
“Quality impresses. Results from ISO 100-400 are the best of the bunch, but ISO 800-3200 sustain plenty of detail too and image noise is shown as a grain-like quality rather than a disruptive nuisance.”
Rating: ★★★★½

Whatdigitalcamera reviews the Pentax K-30 and writes;
“Where the K30 really excels is in its build and handling. The rugged design is backed up by a multitude of weather seals to keep it protected. Offering such a high-end feature within a mid-price model is very commendable. We adore the feel of the K30 in the hand too. It feels solid and should survive a knock here and there. 

Add to this the 6fps burst rate and K30 is a very well equipped DSLR.”
Rating: ★★★★½

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Pentax K-30 Reviews

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Pentax K-30 Sample Photos

Pentax K-30 Sample Photos @

Pentax K-30 Sample Photos @

Pentax K-30 Sample Photos @

Pentax K-30 Sample Photos @

Pentax K-30 Sample Photos @

Pentax K-30 Sample Photos @

Pentax K-30 Sample Photos @


Pentax K-30 User Manual (PDF)

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– Download Pentax K-30 User Manual (PDF)


Pentax K-30 Features

The Pentax K-30 comes with 16 megapixel APS-C sized CMOS image sensor which delivers a large image-capture area measuring 23.7mm by 15.7mm. It ensures the images captured in high-speed shooting with super-high-resolution and rich-gradation results. Not only that, this sensor also combined with the PRIME M imaging engine for the recording of high-quality, full HD movie clips (1920 x 1080 pixels, 30 frames per second). The camera is also able to minimize noise at low sensitivities, and has a wide sensitivity range between ISO 100 and ISO 12800.


Furthermore, this camera is built to be weather-resistant, dustproof and cold-proof with proven functionality in temperatures as low as -10°C that makes Pentax K-30 is perfect for outdoor use in any weather conditions. There is an Optical finder with nearly 100% field of view which provides a clear view of the subject even in bright situation and eliminates parallax in the viewfinder image. Not only that, this camera also has a PENTAX-original Natural-Bright-Matte III focusing screen to facilitate manual-focusing operation.

Featuring the state-of-the-art SAFOX IXi+ AF sensor module, this camera is responsive and has high-precision autofocus operation by combining a diffraction lens to minimise chromatic aberration in accordance with the characteristics of each individual lens. Beside it, Pentax K-30 offers high-speed burst shooting at approximately 6fps which allows users to capture fast-moving subjects in the JPEG recording format.

The Pentax K-30 Highlight Features:

+ Large, wide-view 3.0-inch LCD monitor with approximately 921,000 dots.

+ 77-segment multi-pattern metering system for extra-accurate light measurement.

+ DR (Dust Removal) mechanism to shake dust off from the surface of the CMOS image sensor.

+ PENTAX-designed Hyper control system to assure flexible ease of use for the photographer.

+ Dynamic-range expansion function to compensate for both whitewashed (overexposed) and blacked out (underexposed) areas.

+ RAW-date filing of a just-recorded JPEG-format image

+ RAW/Fx button for single-action switching of image file format, as well as for assignment and instant recall of a specific function

+ SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0 for PENTAX (RAW-data processing engine developed by Ichikawa Soft Laboratory) included.


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