Pentax E10 – Review @ DigicamReview

DigicamReview have recently published a review of the Pentax E10, a 6 megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera featuring 3x optical zoom lens (equivalent to 35-114mm), 2.4″ LCD screen and a plastic compact body.


“Image quality is slightly below average, the images have poor colour with low saturation, and generally poor colour accuracy. Detail is average, and images are slightly soft. Images are noisy inside and outside on bright sunny days. Purple fringing was fairly low, as was red-eye. There was some softness in the corners of images. The camera struggled focusing the majority of the time indoors, taking numerous attempts to get a picture in focus. Images taken using flash indoors came out looking unsaturated, and occassionally underexposed. I did not notice vignetting in photos, nor did I notice barrel or pincushion distortion. There is a good range of image sizes, and a good choice of compression options. Auto white balance, metering, and exposure seemed to be good. The video mode is below average.”

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